BBQ material

Barbecook has numerous barbecues in its range in various shapes, sizes, colors, but also in different types of BBQ material. Both the appliance itself and the grid consist of a specific BBQ material such as cast iron, enamelled or stainless steel. Each type of BBQ material has its own specific advantages. Each of us decides which advantages he or she attaches the most importance to. The final choice is a matter of personal preference. Below we will elaborate on the different types of BBQ material of BBQ grills. 

BBQ material: cast iron

Cast iron is an extremely qualitative type of BBQ material. It conducts the heat extremely well and also keeps the heat for a long time so you don't need a constant supply of new heat. This BBQ material is very strong and has a very long lifespan. A cast iron grid is perfect for searing your ingredients. Nice extra: with a cast iron grid you get those typical grill marks on your dishes, for the ultimate BBQ experience!

All Barbecook gas barbecues are equipped with cast iron grids. 

Attention: Barbecook's in & out models do not all have a cast iron grid!

BBQ material: stainless steel

As the name already suggests, a stainless steel grid will not rust. This is an absolute advantage because a barbecue grid can often come into contact with changing weather conditions. Also, this type of BBQ material is harder than other materials making it more durable. Furthermore, it is very easy to maintain.

Barbecook's Loewy and Carlo charcoal barbecues have a stainless steel grid.

BBQ material: enamel

On an enamelled steel grid you can prepare anything you want. This type of BBQ material is coated with enamel. Enamel is a protective layer of molten glass that protects the metal from corrosion. The advantage of enamel is therefore that it is rustproof and discolors little under the influence of high temperatures. In addition, an enamel surface is easier to maintain. Be careful with sharp (cleaning) objects. These can damage your grid.

Barbecook's table barbecue Karl has an enamelled grid.

BBQ material: chrome

On a chromed steel grid you can prepare anything you want. A grid of chromed steel is relatively cheap compared to other types of BBQ material. It has a protective layer of chrome against rust.

The Adam and Billy charcoal barbecues have a grid of chromed steel.

Whatever type of grid and Barbecook barbecue you choose, fun guaranteed!

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