Mushrooms with Boursin and bacon

Are you also such a fan of mushrooms? Then you should definitely try this delicious recipe! It is the perfect combination of creamy Boursin, crispy bacon bits and juicy mushrooms. Ideal as a snack or as a side dish with a nice piece of meat. And best of all? The recipe has only a few ingredients and a short preparation time! It's As Easy As ABC 😉

Mushrooms with Boursin and bacon

Preparing mushrooms with Boursin and bacon

Start by making the filling. Mix the Boursin, the bacon bits and a handful of grated cheese in a bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Next, clean the mushrooms and carefully remove the stalks. Fill the mushrooms with the Boursin filling and finish with some extra grated cheese.

Mushrooms on the Barbecook Magnus

For this recipe, we use the Barbecook Magnus charcoal barbecue. This new charcoal barbecue comes in three variants: Magnus Original, Magnus Comfort and Magnus Premium! Each variant focuses on three pillars, namely Easy Start, Easy Cook and Easy Clean!

You light the Magnus BBQ using the built-in charcoal starter. Place some Barbecook firelighters on the grid above the air intake and place the charcoal starter on top. Fill the charcoal starter with high-quality charcoal to the brim. Turn the air supply fully open. Light the charcoal barbecue and let it heat up slowly. Make it extra easy on yourself and choose Barbecook's long matches!

Then place the mushrooms in the centre of the grill. Let the mushrooms cook slowly until the cheese mixture has melted. Make it easy on yourself by choosing the Barbecook cast-iron pan with bamboo trivet. Heat it briefly on the grill. Then add olive oil and grill the mushrooms. Finish off with a bit of parsley and present on the bamboo trivet! Success guaranteed! 

Veggie version

Mushrooms are often very popular among vegetarians because they contain a lot of fibre and protein. You can therefore easily make this recipe veggie proof! Prepare the mushrooms without the bacon bits and you have a vegetarian snack!

Now it's time to enjoy these delicious mushrooms with Boursin. Bet your guests can't get enough? Enjoy your meal!

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