Take it easy on Sunday with the Barbecook Siesta Graphite

Sunday, the day where nothing must and everything is allowed! Sleeping late, having breakfast in pyjamas and going for a walk. Blissful! But you know what's even more blissful? A barbecue on Sunday with the Barbecook Siesta Graphite gas barbecue! This way, you can enjoy it for a while before that busy work week starts again. 

Take it easy on Sunday with the Barbecook Siesta Graphite

Take it easy

Sundays are made for relaxing and especially for not thinking too much. And let that be one of the Barbecook Siesta Graphite's qualities! This gas barbecue is extremely user-friendly and you light it in no time. With a gas barbecue, always start with the lid! Open it completely. Only then should you open the tap of your gas bottle. Wait a moment, this allows the gas to circulate inside the gas barbecue. Next, turn the control knobs of your Siesta gas BBQ to the highest setting. When you see a flame, close the lid back and let the gas BBQ heat up for 10 minutes. There you go, the grilling can begin!

PS Your gas regulator should be replaced every 5 to 10 years. So be sure to check the expiry date on the hose regularly. Need a new one? With the Barbecook gas regulator you are out of trouble in no time!

The grids of the Siesta Graphite are also very easy to maintain. Just brush with Barbecook's long spiral brush and foam cleaner and your grids are clean again for your next barbecue session!

Everything within reach

The Barbecook Siesta Graphite is there for everyone. This gas barbecue comes in 3 sizes: Siesta Graphite 210, Siesta Graphite 310 and Siesta Graphite 412. Do you like to keep it simple or do you like to go all the way? The Barbecook Siesta Graphite 412 has a handy storage system in which you can store all your herbs, oils, kitchen paper and tools. It is so big that you can even put in a trash can. That way, everything is always within reach and you can start working in total relaxation! If you get thirsty while barbecuing, no problem! With this gas barbecue, you even have an integrated bottle opener at hand. What more could you want?  


A la plancha!

The Barbecook Siesta Graphite features a Dynamic Centre. In this centre, you can place a grill grid, but also a pizza plate or plancha plate. Fancy fish a la plancha? Thanks to the Barbecook contact plate, you do not have to travel to Spain to enjoy this amazing experience, but can prepare delicious mussels on your own barbecue on an ordinary Sunday! With a contact plate, you cook at high temperatures, this way you preserve the pure taste of your dishes. You can easily scoop your dish from the plate using Barbecook's plancha spatula!

Comfort food on Sunday

With a peaceful sunny Sunday comes comfort food! And who can resist a delicious moelleux? Piercing the heart of your pastry and getting liquid chocolate on your plate. Truly a magical moment! You can easily make this dessert on the Barbecook Siesta Graphite in combination with Barbecook's cast-iron grill pan. Serve the moelleux with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or finish with some red fruit. Our mouths are watering!

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