How do you light the Nestor BBQ?

Have you already been introduced to Nestor, Barbecook's latest wood barbecue? The Nestor, like many other barbecues with us, follows the principles Easy Start, Easy Cook, Easy Upgrade and Easy Clean. Below, we take a closer look at Easy Start and show you how to get your Nestor wood BBQ lit in 1 2 3!

How do you light the Nestor BBQ?

Why choose Nestor?

If you are looking for a barbecue that you can enjoy grilling around with friends and family, the Nestor Original wood BBQ is for you! The Barbecook Nestor is a 360° barbecue with a unique shape that brings everyone together around the fire. This versatile barbecue comes in 2 versions: heat-resistant black lacquered steel and Corten steel. So you can be sure that one will suit you and the look of your garden!   


Before you fire up your Nestor BBQ, it is useful to have everything on hand. For example, make sure the wood storage in your Nestor is filled. Here, it is important that the wood is well dried. By using dry wood, you avoid smoke. And less smoke = less tears in the eyes, which is something everyone wants, right? Dried beech or oak wood is best, as it burns up into a mass of coal that heats up the cooking plate optimally. Avoid pine and pallet wood, these can develop a toxic smoke. Stack the logs to a maximum of 10 centimetres below the top of the wood storage and always place them with the bark facing upwards.

First use

The Nestor barbecue comes in an extremely compact and durable package. Before you will be able to admire this wood BBQ in your garden, you need to assemble it. Fortunately, this is quite easy and it will be ready in your garden within 30 minutes! Put it in a stable and safe place outside.

When using it for the first time, it is important to take a few steps first. This is because when it is manufactured, a protective layer is applied to the cooking plates, which must first be removed before you can start grilling on it. How do you proceed? When the cooking plate is well heated, apply a neutral vegetable oil (sunflower / rice / corn) and spread it using a spatula. Then scrape the cooking plate with a spatula and push the scrape into the fire. Do this 2-3 times. The cooking plate will initially give off a black substance.

PS We recommend keeping the fire central the first 2-3 times to allow the cooking plate to stabilise properly.

How do you light the Nestor?

Lighting the Nestor is, as indicated earlier, quite simple! Light your Nestor with a few dry logs, some kindling and some kindling wood wool. Start your fire in the centre of the barbecue. When the wood is burning well, spread the hot mass under the edges of the cooking plate and add additional wood. This way, you create heat zones under the cooking plates and ensure the ideal cooking experience with the Nestor! The cooking plates of the Nestor are made of 6 mm thick carbon steel and therefore a fairly large fire is needed to heat them up properly. When a layer of ash has formed, it's time to start grilling on the BBQ! Let's (Barbe)cook!

For more information, you can always watch this video!

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