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  • Handliches Zubehör für den Barbecook Junko.
  • Einfach am Flaschenzug des Barbecook Junko zu befestigen.
  • Ideal für Pfannengerichte wie Paella.
Barbecue pan
Why always choose a barbecue grill when there also exists a barbecue pan? This accessory for cooking with the Junko is perfect for the adventurers among us! The barbecue pan has a diameter of 60 cm and is therefore ideal for preparing a large meal above the fire! Let’s invite some friends and family!
Barbecook's barbecue pan in combination with the Barbecook Junko
Go back to basics and choose for a barbecue on wood. After all, this is what our distant ancestors did: gathering around the fire to prepare their meals. And they were right! What could be more fun than spending an evening around the fire with some friends and family and with some delicious BBQ bites? The Junko brings out the adventurer in each of us. This tripod barbecue makes it possible to grill over a self-made fire. This barbecue includes a grid, a fire bowl and a sturdy pulley system in order to choose your cooking height. The Junko is truly an all-in-one BBQ! In order to make the Junko even more user-friendly and increase its cooking possibilities, Barbecook came up with a lot of nice accessories. First of all, the barbecue pan, but the Junko can also be combined with a wok pan or simmer kettles, also known as Dutch ovens.
Specifications of Barbecook’s barbecue pan
The Barbecook barbecue pan is one of our favourite Junko accessories. The barbecue pan is made entirely of enamelled steel and has a diameter of 60 cm. Its raised rim makes this barbecue pan perfect for preparing large meals, such as a tasty paella. The barbecue pan can be easily attached to the chains of the Junko. Using the pulley system, you can adjust the cooking height. We recommend hanging the barbecue pan as close to the fire as possible. That way the barbecue pan gets a chance to warm up properly. At the factory, an extra layer was added to the barbecue pan to protect it. It is important to remove this layer before using the pan for the first time. You can do this by heating the barbecue pan above the fire when you use it for the first time and by washing it afterwards. Barbecook’s foam cleaner can certainly help with this.
Technische Details


Länge Artikel mm 600
Breite Artikel mm 600
Höhe Artikel mm 50

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