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Olivia pince universelle en inox

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The right accessories are indispensable for a barbecue, because how else would you turn your vegetables or cut your piece of meat? It is therefore of great importance to equip yourself with some decent barbecue accessories. One of the classics among barbecue accessories is a gripper, handy to turn your ingredients, moving them or taking them off the barbecue. Get to know the Olivia universal gripper by Barbecook, a practical barbecue accessory that also looks great.


Longueur article mm 40
Largeur article mm 30
Hauteur article mm 420

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Référence BC-ACC-7045
EAN 5400269210731


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Barbecook's Olivia universal gripper is the ideal accessory to easily grab your ingredients and turn them, move them or simply take them off your barbecue. For reasons of hygiene it is recommended to always use two grippers, one for raw ingredients and one for cooked ingredients. Thanks to the unique design of the Olivia universal gripper, it doesn’t lose the grip and the ingredients therefore do not slip when grasped. Avoid at all times using a fork to grip meat, as this can cause the moisture to seep out and your meat to become bone-dry. The Olivia universal gripper is made of stainless steel and is finished with the materials fibreglass and nylon. The accessory can withstand temperatures up to 230°C, so you don't have to worry about it getting too hot. Furthermore, the universal gripper is 41.5 cm long, which guarantees a safe distance between your hands and the fire. Just to be sure, always use heat-resistant gloves to prevent accidents. The handle of the Olivia universal gripper is designed in such a way that you can easily hang it on the accessory hooks of your barbecue, for example on the hooks of the Stella gas barbecue or the Alexia electric barbecue. Finally, the Olivia universal gripper is also very easy to clean. You can put the accessory in the dishwasher or simply wash it by hand. Ready for the next barbecue party!


In addition to the Olivia universal gripper, Barbecook offers numerous other high-quality grippers - so plenty of choice! Within the Olivia range you also have the salad gripper and the nylon gripper. You can also go for a stainless steel gripper with a birchwood handle or how about the luxury version of the latter? The Army Style grill gripper is also a real winner. Sausage on the menu? Then use Barbecook's ultra handy sausage grill!