Barbecook is proud to enter the market with a pellet grill. The Barbecook Arthur offers a high-quality, versatile and controlled barbecue experience that exceeds the demands of barbecue connoisseurs and food tasters.

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What is a Pellet barbecue?

A pellet barbecue, better known as a pellet grill, represents the fusion of traditional barbecuing with advanced technology. Using food-safe wood pellets as fuel, this grill offers a versatile and user-friendly cooking experience that is gaining popularity among foodies.

What makes a pellet barbecue so special is its precise temperature control, giving you complete control over the cooking environment. This allows you to grill, smoke, roast and even stew with ease. Another notable feature is the smoke production, which makes this grill ideal for preparing dishes with a smoky touch. A pellet grill is often used for slow-cooking meat to achieve that distinctive smoky flavour. Moreover, the constant temperature control ensures uniform results, making this grill also function as an oven for roasting, baking and even pizza preparation.

Pellet grill versus charcoal barbecue

A pellet grill uses food-safe wood pellets as fuel and offers precise temperature control and consistent smoky flavour results, while a charcoal barbecue uses charcoal and has a more intense smoke flavour. Pellet grills are easier to use and offer automation, while charcoal barbecues require a more hands-on approach.

Pellet grill versus gas barbecue

A pellet grill uses wood pellets as fuel, providing a smoky flavour and precise temperature control during indirect grilling. A gas barbecue uses propane for indirect heat without smoky flavour and usually offers the option of working with different heat levels on the grill. Pellet grills have a unique flavour and are ideal for low and slow cooking, while gas barbecues are more convenient
and faster for direct grilling.