How to prepare potatoes on the BBQ?

Next to meat, vegetables and various sauces, potatoes are an important part of a barbecue party. Potatoes are not only tasty, but are an important source of carbohydrates, vitamin B6, vitamin C and fiber. At Barbecook, we love to get creative! Are you tired of those boiled potatoes, or are you just in the mood for something new? Let’s keep reading!

How to prepare potatoes on the BBQ?

Baked potatoes on the barbecue

Baked potatoes are a classic at many barbecue parties. Wash the potatoes and prick a few holes in them. Then drizzle the potatoes with olive oil and finish with thyme. Wrap the potatoes in aluminium foil and place them on the preheated barbecue grill. Turn the potatoes regularly so they don't burn. Let the potatoes grill for about 35 to 40 minutes.

Pimp your baked potatoes! Baked potatoes are delicious when filled with herb butter. Want something a little more special? Then try out herb butter with red wine or cherry beer. Not a fan of herb butter? Then choose sour cream or cheese & let the party begin!

Potato slices on the BBQ with bacon

Choose the Barbecook grill pan and enjoy delicious potato slices with bacon. Boil the potatoes for 10 minutes and then cut them into slices. Spread the potato slices on the Barbecook grill pan and finish off with rosemary, bacon, bell peppers, pepper and coarse sea salt. Place the pan on the barbecue and grill for about 15 minutes.

Tip: Did you know that flavoured olive oil exists? Choose olive oil with rosemary!

Hasselback potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are trendy and super tasty! Use the Barbecook hasselback potato cutting set and let your creativity run wild. Fill the Hasselback potatoes with fresh herbs, bacon, cheddar cheese, peppers, mozzarella... The possibilities are endless! Bake the hasselback potatoes for 35 to 45 minutes on a 220 °C grill. Delicious!

Seasoned potato skewers

Potatoes are delicious, especially when prepared on the barbecue. Season the small potatoes with olive oil, paprika, thyme, pepper and coarse sea salt and thread them onto one of the many Barbecook skewers

‘Patatas à la plancha’

Fan of Spain? Then you've definitely heard of 'patatas à la plancha'. Boil the potatoes for 10 minutes, let them cool down and cut them into slices. Cut the onion into strips and fry in olive oil on the hot plancha plate. Then add the potato slices and grill them. Season with paprika, oregano, pepper and some chili. These potatoes are delicious in combination with the Spanish 'Pimientos de Padrón'. 

Sweet potato fries

Sweet potatoes are becoming increasingly trendy. Although when people think of sweet potatoes they always think of ordinary potatoes, the two are not related. This is because the sweet potato, unlike the regular potato, is a vegetable. Fan of sweet potato fries? These can be prepared perfectly on the gas barbecue. Bake the sweet potato fries for 25 minutes on the plancha plate in a 200°C barbecue. Finish with coarse sea salt and paprika.

Tip: Soak the sweet potato fries in salted water beforehand. This will make the sweet potato fries extra crunchy. Be sure to dry the fries thoroughly afterwards!