Tips & tricks for meat on the BBQ

Nothing beats a good piece of meat on the BBQ! Lavishly marinated, super tender and the perfect temperature, thanks to the right techniques and the appropriate material, it's all possible. Below we give you some fantastic tips & tricks for meat on the BBQ and we tell you which Barbecook accessories you have to use to lift your barbecue meat experience to a higher level! 

The countless possibilities of meat on the BBQ thanks to Barbecook's accessories

Barbecook came up with some handy accessories to make preparing meat on the BBQ easier and more enjoyable. So barbecue meat lovers, brace yourself!

Barbecook burger press

Hamburgers? Delicious! Homemade hamburgers? Even better! Thanks to the handy hamburger press of Barbecook, you can conjure up the perfect burgers! From now on, no more discussions about a hamburger that is too small or too large. Thanks to this press, you can create perfectly even burgers. The grooves in the press provide the typical marks in your burger. This tool is available in two versions: one for making three mini burgers and one for a slightly larger burger. You can then grill the burgers with the help of Barbecook's handy hamburger grill.

Barbecook rib rack

Ribs, a true barbecue classic for the barbecue meat lovers among us! Use the rib rack of Barbecook to prepare this delicacy in an indirect way. This way, these giants take up much less space and you can grill other things at the same time.

Barbecook sausage grill

In a sandwich, with a creamy mash or a heavenly couscous salad, you can whip up many tasty dishes with sausage in the leading role! Make it easy on yourself and buy the Barbecook sausage grill to serve the perfect barbecue sausages. 

Barbecook Dutch oven a.k.a. simmer kettle

For the patient barbecue meat lovers among us, there are the Barbecook simmer kettles, also known as Dutch ovens. These cast iron pots can be used in combination with your BBQ or fire pit and are ideal for low & slow cooking. What about delicious pulled beef?

Barbecook smoker box

Want to add a smoky flavour to your meat? You can! Barbecook offers different kinds of smoking chips which will raise your barbecue meat dish to a higher level! Pork on the menu? Then choose cherry smoking chips for example! Do you prefer beef? Then go for apple smoking chips, you will be amazed! For a gas barbecue, put the smoking chips in Barbecook's smoker box. For a charcoal barbecue, wrap the smoking chips in some aluminum foil, poke a few holes in it and place on your charcoal.

Extra tips for barbecue meat lovers

  • The most common way of barbecuing is direct grilling: baking your piece of meat directly over the coals or burners of your gas barbecue. This method is ideal for quickly preparing smaller or thinner pieces, or to sear larger ones. What many people don't know, however, is that you can also grill indirectly. With indirect grilling, the meat is not cooked above, but next to the fire. You do this with a closed barbecue. With a charcoal barbecue, you rake the glowing coals to the left and right and place your meat in the middle. It is then cooked in a slow manner by the warm air circulating in the barbecue. With a gas grill, ideally you turn off the burners in the middle and leave those on the side on. Indirect grilling is perfect for preparing large pieces of meat. This method is best compared to preparing meat in the oven. To keep an eye on the cooking time, it is advisable to use a digital thermometer.
  • Grill marks on your preparations provide the ultimate barbecue meat experience! To do this, use a clean grid, preferably cast iron. Cast iron retains the heat well. In the places where your preparation touches the grid, you will get the typical dark grill marks.
  • Take your meat out of the refrigerator a little earlier and let it come to room temperature indoors. In this way, you avoid a tough result!
  • It is advisable to marinate your piece of meat well in advance or rub it with a good herb mix to add extra flavor and prevent it from drying out.
  • The Burgundians among us often tend to sprinkle their preparation with a lot of salt before putting it on the barbecue. However, this isn’t a smart move. Salt draws moisture from your ingredients, causing the moisture to lie on the surface of your meat. This ensures that your meat will brown less (quickly). So it’s better to use salt mainly after grilling.
  • Wait until your barbecue is sufficiently hot before you put your piece of meat on it. You can simply test this by holding your hand over the fire. Do you hold it for just a few seconds? Then the grid is warm enough. Let’s go!
  • Don’t pierce your meat when you turn it over or move it, as this could cause the moisture to seep out and your meat to become bone-dry! Rather use tongs.
  • Once your piece of meat is ready, it is best to let it rest in aluminum foil. Then cut the meat against the grain and... enjoy!

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