How to grill adventurously on a Barbecook gas grill?

Outdoor cooking is more popular than ever! Many of us even make the complete switch from indoor cooking to outdoor cooking during the summer. I can already hear you all thinking: Is this possible? Is your indoor kitchen totally replacable by your barbecue? Well, thanks to the extensive possibilities of the Barbecook gas barbecues, we can say: yes, for sure it’s possible! Barbecook's gas barbecues are namely equipped in such a way that you really can do a lot of things with them. In this article we would like to give you some tips about a few handy features. Discover the smoker box, the Dynamic Core Grill and many more. Let's push the limits!

Smoker box

A smoker box is a rectangular metal box which you can fill with water-soaked smoking chips (flavor of your choice). You place the lid on the smoker box and you place it in the specially provided space of your gas barbecue (under the left-hand grate). After lighting your barbecue, smoke will develop after about 10 minutes. This will come through the holes of the lid and will start circulating in the gas barbecue. In this way, your preparations will get a delicious smoky flavor. Yummy!

Rotisserie set

Nice to know is that you can even prepare your own rotisserie chicken with your Barbecook gas barbecue (except with the smallest Spring model). The gas barbecues can be combined with a Barbecook Rotisserie set. Nothing more delicious than a juicy chicken, right?

Dynamic Core Grill

The central part of the Siesta and Stella gas barbecues - the so-called Dynamic Core Grill - has been made in such a way that the grill can be removed and replaced by all kind of handy accessories. These include for example a pizza plate or a universal contact plate. With a pizza plate you conjure up the crispest pizzas, for the true epicureans among us. The universal contact plate can be used for grilling à la plancha. You have the choice of using the flat or the ribbed side of the plate. In short, with the Dynamic Core Grill, you have plenty of possibilities! 

Side burners and side tables

All Siesta and Stella gas barbecues, as well as the largest model of the Spring gas barbecues, are equipped with one side burner. The side burner is ideal for preparing sauces or side dishes. This way you can fully utilize your barbecue grid for preparing your main ingredients in the meantime. The Stella 4311 is even equipped with an infrared burner that can reach a temperature of 700 °C, which is ideal for grilling your piece of meat at an extremely high temperature. All gas barbecues are also equipped with side tables, handy to place a cutting board with ingredients on it or salt and pepper.


Of course, this is not all, Barbecook's gas barbecues have many other handy unique features. It’s up to you to discover them all!

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