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  • The carbon steel griddle is perfect for cooking all sorts of food.
  • The painted sheet steel is heat-resistant up to 600°C.
  • The wide base ensures optimal stability.
  • The wire mesh pedestal can be easily assembled and dismantled.
Size L x W x H
Size L x W x H
80 x 75 x 71cm
Grill surface
⌀ 75cm
Rila wood BBQ
Choose for the Rila wood BBQ and make cooking a group activity! The Rila is built in such a way that you can easily stand around the BBQ with several people at the same time. Perfect to catch up with your guests while grilling some delicious bites. With its beautiful design, the Rila wood BBQ is undoubtedly thé eye-catcher of your BBQ party!
Rila wood BBQ Rila wood BBQ Rila wood BBQ
What are the advantages of the Rila wood BBQ?
Together around the fire bowl with some drinks and delicious BBQ snacks, it appeals to everyone's imagination! With the Rila wood BBQ it becomes reality. This multifunctional BBQ can be used to prepare delicacies, but also serves as a fire bowl. Perfect for warming up yourself and at the same time to enjoy the dancing flames! The Rila wood BBQ has a carbon steel griddle with a diameter of 75 cm. The baking tray has 6 corners, dividing it into 6 'separate' areas. This makes it perfectly possible, for example, for every guest to put delicacies of their choice on the plate. Gourmet-style but on a BBQ, delicious! The Rila wood BBQ is not only known for its multifunctionality, the BBQ also has a beautiful design. With its geometric shapes it is a great decorative object in your garden. The wide base provides the necessary stability. The Rila wood BBQ has a height of 80 cm and has hooks for accessories. Think of a brush to marinate your preparations, a spatula or protective gloves.
What are the advantages of the Rila wood BBQ? What are the advantages of the Rila wood BBQ? What are the advantages of the Rila wood BBQ?
How does a Rila wood BBQ work?
When lighting the fire bowl of your Rila wood BBQ, first put some kindling and some Barbecook lighter cubes on the bottom of your fire bowl. Light these with a long match or a lighter. Then you build a kind of pyramid with a few dry logs. It is important that the wind comes from the right direction to create a good fire. You can also blow some air through your fire on a regular basis. Once your fire is burning, the trick is to maintain it and keep it at the same temperature. You do this by adding logs in the places where it glows less. You will notice that the griddle of your Rila wood BBQ heats up very quickly. Grilling fun guaranteed!
How does a Rila wood BBQ work? How does a Rila wood BBQ work? How does a Rila wood BBQ work?
Technical details


Item length mm 800
Item width mm 750
Item height mm 710
Cooking height 71cm

General information

Article code BC-WOO-6016
EAN 5400269210489

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