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Junko cast iron Dutch Oven 9L


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  • Handy accessory for the Barbecook Junko.
  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • Holds heat for a long time thanks to cast iron.
  • Easy to clean.
A simmer kettle, also known as a kettle oven or a Dutch oven, is a sturdy cast iron pot with a thick wall and a tightly closing lid. The origin of the Dutch oven lies in the Netherlands. In the 18th century a certain Englishman saw how - in the Low Countries - they made cast iron pots in moulds made of sand. He took up the idea and distributed it under the name ‘Dutch oven’ in his homeland England. And so it happened... A Dutch oven is generally used in combination with an outside fire to prepare all kinds of delicacies: from stews to pizzas to a crumble, it's all possible! This all-rounder is made in various sizes, ideal to make different portions: a Dutch oven 9L, 3L and 0.7L.
Buying a Dutch oven is an investment for life. After all, this barbecue accessory is of extremely high quality because of the solid material from which it is made: cast iron. Cast iron is known to conduct and retain heat extremely well. This means that your dishes can be prepared in a slow, even way. Most simmer kettles have 3 legs so that they can easily be placed directly in the fire. They also generally have a lid with an upright rim on which coals could be placed. This way, you can control the top and bottom heat separately, just like you can do with a normal oven. This means you can create your own unique outdoor oven. Furthermore, you have many posibilities with a Dutch oven: you can really prepare anything in it. Think of a simple egg, but also bread, quiche or even desserts.
The most delicious dishes on fire are made with Barbecook’s Dutch oven 9L. This large Dutch oven is a sturdy pot made of enamelled cast iron in which you can prepare delicacies for the whole family. The Dutch oven 9L is best used in combination with the Barbecook Junko, a barbecue consisting of a tripod, a fire bowl and a pulley system. You can easily hang the simmer kettle on the pulley system. You determine the distance between the fire and your Dutch oven depending on what you prepare. The simmer kettle has three legs so you can also place it directly on your wood or coals. Furthermore, the Barbecook Dutch Oven 9L has a lid with an upright rim that closes well. This simmer kettle has a capacity of 9 litres. The diameter is 32 cm and the height 21 cm.
Technical details


Item length mm 320
Item width mm 320
Item height mm 210

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Article code BC-WOO-6007
EAN 5400269227210

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