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  • Convenient pulley to adjust cooking height.
  • Sturdy chain.
  • Grill can be taken out for accessories.
  • Carrying bag included.
Size L x W x H
Size L x W x H
60 x 60 x 166cm
Grill surface
Grill surface
⌀ 60cm
Junko wood BBQ
Are you looking for a fun and original way to cook outside? Something extra adventurous and extra cozy? Then choose Barbecook's wood BBQ Junko! Unlimited cooking pleasure and a real eye-catcher in your garden. The Junko wood BBQ consists of a tripod with a pulley system and chains. Between the tripod is a fire bowl. A grid, pan or pot is hung above this fire bowl in/on which delicious preparations can be made. Take your grilling experience to the next level and choose for the Junko wood BBQ tripod with pulley system!
Junko wood BBQ Junko wood BBQ Junko wood BBQ
What are the advantages of the Junko wood BBQ?
A tripod, a fire bowl, a pulley system and some cooking accessories, that's all you need to enjoy an unforgettable evening with friends or family. With the Junko wood BBQ you don't only prepare delicious dishes, this tripod BBQ also looks fantastic and gives warmth to all your guests! From now on no more walking back and forth between your BBQ and your guest table. Your guests can accompany you around the fire bowl while cooking. With some drinks and the delicious aromas of the BBQ preparations, this is the perfect setting to start off your BBQ party. Thanks to the handy pulley system at the top of the Junko tripod, you decide for yourself at what height you want your preparation to be cooked. Just turn the handle of the pulley system and your pot, pan or grill will hang closer to or further away from the fire. The sturdy chains hold everything firmly in place. Barbecook offers various accessories that can be attached to the pulley system and chains. You can choose for a chrome-plated steel roaster with a diameter of 60 cm, a wok pan, a large pan and cast iron simmer kettles/Dutch ovens in various sizes (0.7 litres, 3 litres and 9 litres). So with the Junko wood BBQ you have a lot of possibilities! The tripod and fire bowl of this BBQ are made of cast iron, a material that conducts the heat well and retains it for an extremely long time. The tripod has a height of 166 cm. Moving around with your Junko wood BBQ? No problem, just disassemble your BBQ and store everything in the handy carrying bag!
What are the advantages of the Junko wood BBQ? What are the advantages of the Junko wood BBQ? What are the advantages of the Junko wood BBQ?
How does a Junko wood BBQ work?
When lighting the fire bowl of your Junko wood BBQ, first put some kindling and some Barbecook lighter cubes on the bottom of your fire bowl. Light these with a long match or a lighter. Then you build a kind of pyramid with a few dry logs. It is important that the wind comes from the right direction to create a good fire. You can also blow some air through your fire on a regular basis. Once your fire is burning, the trick is to maintain it and keep it at the same temperature. You do this by adding logs in the places where it glows less. Then hang your grate, pot or pan above your fire bowl with the pulley system and the Junko fun can begin!
How does a Junko wood BBQ work? How does a Junko wood BBQ work? How does a Junko wood BBQ work?
Technical details


Item length mm 600
Item width mm 600
Item height mm 1660
Cooking size 60cm

General information

Article code BC-WOO-6000
EAN 5400269202156

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