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  • Stainless cover.
  • Fits in all Barbecook gas barbecues.
  • Without holder also suitable on other devices.
Crazy about smoking but you don’t want to invest immediately in a smoker? Then the smoker box is certainly something for you! A smoker box looks like a rectangular box made of metal and has a lid with several holes. You fill the box with smoke chips and you place it in your barbecue. Thanks to the circulation of the smoke flavours, you will get real taste bombs!
A smoker box is used in combination with a barbecue that has a lid. The lid ensures that the smoke does not escape, but circulates inside your barbecue and penetrates your preparations of a smoky flavour. This is done by the indirect grilling technique. How does it work exactly? First of all, choose the smoke flavour you want to give to your ingredients. This will depend on the type of food you put on the grill. If you prepare fish, for example, lemon smoke chips are the ideal choice. However, are you going to prepare a tasty chicken? Then opt for oak or apple smoke chips. You can find out what types of smoke chips you use for what here. It is important to first soak your smoke chips in water before putting them in the smoker box. If you don’t do this, you risk a bitter taste of smoke. However, always make sure that your smoke chips are properly drained. Chips that are too wet will steam instead of smoking. Due to the heat of your barbecue, the wood in your smoker box will glow after about 10 to 20 minutes and smoke will develop. This smoke will pass through the holes of the lid and will spread inside the barbecue. The smoke is then slowly absorbed by the different ingredients on your grill. Never place the ingredients directly on top of the smoker box. For preparations that need to be cooked indirectly on the barbecue for a long time, you can refill the smoker box with smoke chips in between. This ensures constant smoke development.
Barbecook's smoker box consists of an enamelled box with a stainless steel lid. The box can be filled with soaked smoke chips of your choice. The lid has several holes from which the smoke can escape. The smoker box is used in combination with the Barbecook Spring, Siesta and Stella. These gas barbecues all have a specially provided space under the left grid to place the smoker box.
Technical details


Item length mm 95
Item width mm 40
Item height mm 232

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Article code BC-SMO-5019
EAN 5400269240509

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