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  • Electrical controls.
  • Grill with drip tray.
  • For hot smoking only!.
Size L x W x H
Size L x W x H
64 x 26 x 36cm
1100 W ⏐ 230 V ⏐ 50 Hz Europlug CEE 7/7
Grill surface
Grill surface
41 x 23cm
Number of persons
Number of persons
Otto electric smoker
A sausage or spare ribs on the barbecue are delicious, but wouldn't it be nice to try out something completely new? Push your limits and smoke a piece of meat or fish, for example. You can smoke in different ways: with a smoker box, by sprinkling some smoking chips or wood chunks on your hot coals or by using a real smoker! A smoker is a device especially made to give your preparations a delicious smoky flavour. Meet the Otto electric smoker of Barbecook!
Otto electric smoker Otto electric smoker Otto electric smoker
What are the advantages of an Otto electric smoker?
The Otto smoker by Barbecook is a small cylindrical model with a silver look. It works on electricity and is therefore extremely user-friendly. Plug it in and the smoking session can begin! The small size of this electric smoker is a big advantage because you can easily place it anywhere and also store it very easily. With the Otto smoker you can smoke hot. When ingredients are smoked hot, they are cooked and they also have a delicious smoky taste. However, if you also like to smoke cold, you can choose to use Barbecook's smoker Oskar. With this last one you can smoke both hot and cold. Finally, the Otto electric smoker is very easy to maintain. After smoking you let your electric smoker cool down and you can easily clean everything with the Barbecook foam cleaner. Remove the foam with a sponge and some water, dry your electric smoker and store it in a dry place.
What are the advantages of an Otto electric smoker? What are the advantages of an Otto electric smoker? What are the advantages of an Otto electric smoker?
How does an Otto electric smoker work?
The Otto electric smoker is extremely user-friendly and that is precisely why it is such a popular appliance. All you need are smoking chips. It's a must to soak the smoking chips in water beforehand. The amount of smoking chips you need depends on how long the food has to be smoked. The thumb rule is: use a handful of chips for every 15 minutes of smoking. Place the smoking chips in the chip tray of your Otto electric smoker. Place the dish on the support above the heating element in your electric smoker. Then you also place the drip tray and the grid with your ingredients on it in your electric smoker, above the chip dish of course. It is important to place only one layer of food on the grid and leave enough space between the ingredients. This allows the smoke to circulate optimally around your ingredients. Finally, close the lid and insert the plug into the socket. Let your Otto electric smoker work until the food is ready. The cooking time depends on the type of food and the weather conditions. Enjoy!
How does an Otto electric smoker work? How does an Otto electric smoker work? How does an Otto electric smoker work?
Technical details


Item length mm 640
Item width mm 260
Item height mm 360
Cooking size 41 x 23cm
Power kW 1.10
Cable length (cm) 175


Number of handles 2

General information

Article code BC-SMO-5006
EAN 5400269204570

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