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  • Thermicore plancha finished with non-stick coating (max 270°C).
  • Plate can be used on any stove, oven and gas bbq.
  • Easy heat-up system with minimal energy consumption.
Size L x W x H
Size L x W x H
50 x 39 x 23,5cm
Number of burners
Number of burners
2 (1,3 kW)
Grill surface
Grill surface
43 x 35cm
Number of persons
Number of persons
Victor plancha grill
Grilling à la plancha, a southern way of cooking that is becoming more and more popular. The plancha stands for simplicity and at the same time, it is known for its diversity of baking possibilities: from prawns to mussels and from a good piece of meat to colourful vegetables, with the plancha you can go all the way! Barbecook offers two different planchas: Victor and Campo, two high-quality grills with a beautifully finished look!
Victor plancha grill Victor plancha grill Victor plancha grill
What are the advantages of the Victor plancha grill?
The Victor plancha grill has an attractive and durable black design. This plancha is available as a table model, but can also be placed on a matching trolley. A handy feature of the trolley is that there is room for the gas bottle and there is a work surface and two shelves for storing accessories or similar. Furthermore, the trolley is equipped with two wheels so that it is easy to move around. The Victor plancha grill is equipped with a thermicore griddle measuring 43 cm x 35 cm, which is good for providing about 8 people with delicacies! The thermicore technology guarantees optimal heat distribution over the baking tray. This means that less energy is needed to heat up the entire baking tray. So the Victor plancha grill heats up quickly and cools down in a controlled way, making it better for you to control your preparations. You can easily regulate the temperature thanks to the two handy control knobs. Furthermore, the baking tray is non-stick coated, so you don't have to worry about your dishes sticking or tearing while turning. The thermicore baking tray is multifunctional, you can easily remove it from your Victor plancha grill and use it on your stove, in your oven or even on your gas barbecue. The thermicore baking tray can also be purchased separately. After the grill party, it is important to clean your plancha thoroughly before storing it. Very simple: remove the baking tray from your Victor plancha grill and clean it with a soft wet sponge, or simply put the baking tray in the dishwasher. Make sure that the plate is dry when you store it and preferably wrap it in a cloth or other protection.
What are the advantages of the Victor plancha grill? What are the advantages of the Victor plancha grill? What are the advantages of the Victor plancha grill?
How does a Victor plancha grill work?
The Victor plancha grill works with gas. To get started, you will need to provide yourself with a suitable gas bottle, gas hose and gas regulator. Follow the instructions in the manual to connect it correctly to your plancha. Once this is done, the grill session can begin! First of all, you need to open the tap on your gas bottle. Wait about ten seconds until the gas has stabilised and then turn one of the control knobs of your plancha to the highest position. Also turn the second control knob to the highest position. Then let your plancha warm up for 10 minutes. Once it has warmed up, turn the control knobs to obtain the desired temperature and put the ingredients of your choice on your thermicore baking tray. Let's grill!
How does a Victor plancha grill work? How does a Victor plancha grill work? How does a Victor plancha grill work?
Technical details


Item length mm 500
Item width mm 390
Item height mm 235
Cooking size 43 x 35 cm
Power main burners kW 2.60

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Article code BC-PLA-3007
EAN 5400269238858

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