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  • Large griddle in enamelled steel.
  • 2 powerful burners.
  • Includes drip pot for catching sauces or fat.
  • Quick electronic ignition
Size L x W x H
Size L x W x H
52,5 x 41,5 x 21,5cm
Number of burners
Number of burners
2 (2,5 kW)
Grill surface
Grill surface
52 x 34cm
Number of persons
Number of persons
Campo plancha grill
Grilling à la plancha, a southern way of cooking that is becoming more and more popular. The plancha stands for simplicity and at the same time, it is known for its diversity of baking possibilities: from prawns to mussels and from a good piece of meat to colourful vegetables, with the plancha you can go all the way! Barbecook offers two different planchas: Victor and Campo, two high-quality grills with a beautifully finished look!
Campo plancha grill Campo plancha grill Campo plancha grill
What are the advantages of the Campo plancha grill?
The Campo plancha grill is a beautifully finished grill appliance with a black look. With a large baking tray made of enamelled steel, this plancha can reach very high temperatures in an extremely fast way. Ideal for searing your ingredients! The baking tray of this plancha is rectangular and has the following dimensions: 52 cm x 34 cm. Good to serve up to six people! The size of the Campo plancha grill is compact so you can easily place it in the middle of your garden table. All guests can lend a hand and put the delicacies of their choice on the baking tray. The big advantage is that there is no person that has to walk back and forth constantly. Conviviality is guaranteed! Do you prefer your steak to be well done, but would one of your guests rather like his/her steak to be rare? No problem, thanks to the two burners of the Campo plancha grill it is perfectly possible to create two separate heat zones. In this way, each person can bake its ingredients according to his/her own wishes. On the side of the baking tray there is a pot in which fats or sauces are collected. You can pour this over your preparation afterwards to make it even more tasty! Extra tip: always use a plancha spatula when taking or turning ingredients. This accessory is extra mild for the sensitive baking tray of your plancha. After your grill session, it is important to clean your plancha thoroughly before storing it. This is extremely simple. By simply pouring some water on the hot baking tray of the plancha, the dirt easily comes along. Then use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe away the dirt when the appliance has cooled down. Dry the plate thoroughly before storing the plancha. Also make time once in a while to clean the burners and venturi tubes. To do this, follow the instructions in the manual.
What are the advantages of the Campo plancha grill? What are the advantages of the Campo plancha grill? What are the advantages of the Campo plancha grill?
How does a Campo plancha grill work?
The Campo plancha grill works with gas. To get started, you will need to provide yourself with a suitable gas bottle, gas hose and gas regulator. Follow the instructions in the manual to connect it correctly to your plancha. Once this is done, the grill session can begin! First of all, you need to open the tap on your gas bottle. Wait about ten seconds until the gas has stabilised and then turn one of the control buttons of your plancha to the highest position. Also turn the second control button to the highest position. Then let your plancha warm up for 10 minutes. Once it has warmed up, turn the control buttons to obtain the desired temperature and put the ingredients of your choice on your baking tray. Let's grill!
How does a Campo plancha grill work? How does a Campo plancha grill work? How does a Campo plancha grill work?
Technical details


Item length mm 525
Item width mm 415
Item height mm 215
Cooking size 52 x 34cm
Cooking height 21.5cm
Power kW 5


Fat drainage

General information

Article code BC-PLA-3000
EAN 5400269207236

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