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Siesta 310 Black Edition


Number of burners main
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  • 3 burners and side burner.
  • Durable repellent glass finish.
  • Enamelled cast-iron grills.
  • 1 fixed side table.
  • Side burner included.
  • Keep food warm on the special rack.
  • Can be combined with the rotisserie set.
  • Enamelled lid with thermometer.
  • Integrated bottle opener.
  • Automatic ignition in control button.
  • Double-walled lid for a constant temperature.
  • Easy to move around due to the large wheels.
  • Drip tray included (dishwasher safe).
Size L x W x H
Size L x W x H
124 x 56 x 120cm
Number of main burners
Number of main burners
3 (12 kW)
Number of side burners
Number of side burners
1 (2,9 kW)
Grill surface
Grill surface
35 x 43cm + 2 x (13,5 x 43cm)
Number of persons
Number of persons
Siesta 310 gas BBQ
A gas BBQ is known for its user-friendliness and diversity. Precisely for this reason, this type of BBQ is a popular choice among BBQ fanatics. A gas barbecue is perfect for those who love a total outdoor cooking experience, but at the same time attach great importance to convenience and control. Barbecook offers different models of gas BBQs, all of them extremely qualitative, with a beautiful look and easy to use. The Siesta is one of Barbecook's gas BBQ series. Within the Siesta range you can find four different formats: the Siesta 210, Siesta 310, Siesta 412 and Siesta 612.
Siesta 310 gas BBQ Siesta 310 gas BBQ Siesta 310 gas BBQ
What are the advantages of a Siesta 310 gas BBQ?
A Siesta 310 gas BBQ has it all: the look, the features and the user-friendliness. This high-quality gas barbecue with a durable 'reppellent glass' finish is the perfect BBQ for those who really want to prepare everything on the BBQ. A complete switch from indoor cooking to outdoor cooking, it's possible! With the Siesta 310 gas BBQ you can get started within 10 minutes. The double-walled, enamelled lid ensures a constant temperature inside your gas barbecue. Moreover, you can easily monitor the temperature thanks to the built-in thermometer. The grids consist of enamelled cast iron, an extremely high-quality material, ideal for scorching preparations in a good and even manner. A fantastic extra feature of the Siesta 310 gas BBQ is the Dynamic Core Grill. This is the central, warmest space in the BBQ. It has been designed in such way that the grill can be taken out and replaced by useful accessories such as a pizza plate or a cooking plate for example. For even more possibilities! Put ingredients that are already done on the warming rack inside your gas barbecue while waiting for your other ingredients to be ready. The fat from your preparations will be collected in a drip tray which you can easily remove afterwards and simply put in the dishwasher. A little thirsty during barbecuing? No problem, thanks to the integrated bottle opener you can immediately enjoy the necessary refreshment! It's also nice to know that the Siesta 310 gas BBQ can be combined with Barbecook's rotisserie set.
What are the advantages of a Siesta 310 gas BBQ? What are the advantages of a Siesta 310 gas BBQ? What are the advantages of a Siesta 310 gas BBQ?
How does a Siesta 310 gas BBQ work?
Lighting a Siesta 310 gas BBQ is very simple. It goes as follows: you first open the lid of your gas barbecue, then you turn on the tap of your gas bottle. Now you give the gas a moment to circulate inside your gas barbecue. Then turn the control knobs to the highest position. These are connected to the different burners of your Siesta 310 gas BBQ. When you see a flame, close the lid and let it heat up for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that, your grill session can begin! When working with a gas barbecue it is recommended to use propane gas. Don't forget to buy a matching gas regulator. This ensures that the pressure on the gas bottle is reduced. The pressure in a gas bottle is often much higher than what a barbecue needs. Be sure to check the date on the gas hose regularly. Regular gas hoses have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years.
How does a Siesta 310 gas BBQ work? How does a Siesta 310 gas BBQ work? How does a Siesta 310 gas BBQ work?
Specifications of the Siesta 310 gas BBQ
With the Siesta 310 gas BBQ you can serve up to 12 people. This appliance has three burners and three grids, one with the dimensions 35 cm x 43 cm and two with the dimensions 13.5 cm x 43 cm. Furthermore, this gas barbecue has one fixed side table and one side burner, ideal for preparing sauces or side dishes. The Siesta 310 gas BBQ can easily be moved thanks to the two large wheels at the bottom of the appliance.
Specifications of the Siesta 310 gas BBQ Specifications of the Siesta 310 gas BBQ Specifications of the Siesta 310 gas BBQ
Technical details


Item length mm 1240
Item width mm 557
Item height mm 1188
Cooking size 35 x 43cm + 2 x (13.5 x 43cm)
Cooking height 93cm
Power main burners kW 12
Power side burners kW 2.90
Warminggrid dimension 55 x 15cm


Fat drainage
Integrated thermometer in lid
Double walled lid
Number of wheels 2

General information

Article code BC-GAS-2018
EAN 5400269207496

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