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  • Ceramic based on mullite: wear-resistant and strong material, little heat conduction.
  • Extra good closure due to flexible and durable seal.
  • Air vent in cast aluminium.
  • Heat shield for indirect grilling.
  • High quality charcoal basket in stainless steel.
138 x 84 x 110,5cm
Grill surface
Grill surface
Ø 53 cm
Number of persons
Number of persons
Kamado BBQ Kamal 60
Are you looking for a trendy barbecue with which you can do absolutely everything and above all, one that is extremely user-friendly? Then Barbecook’s Kamal kamado BBQ is really something for you! This charcoal egg BBQ is made of ceramic which ensures that the heat is retained for a long time. The kamado BBQ works like an oven, because the ceramic bowl and lid allow you to hold the temperature longer and keep it constant. This charcoal egg BBQ is available in several sizes and finishes: two models with a shiny black finish, one with a grilling surface of 46 cm, the other with a grilling surface of 53 cm. In addition, this kamado grill is also available in a mat black finish with a 53 cm grilling surface. Besides a beautiful design, the Kamal kamado BBQ has plenty of other advantages. Four pillars are central to this ceramic egg BBQ: easy start, easy cook, easy upgrade and easy clean.
Kamado BBQ Kamal 60 Kamado BBQ Kamal 60 Kamado BBQ Kamal 60
How does the Kamal kamado BBQ work?
A first important feature of the Kamal kamado BBQ is that you can start off your BBQ session very easily. Thanks to the four sturdy wheels you can simply roll the kamado BBQ from its storage place to the terrace. You then light your kamado grill by filling the charcoal basket for about ½ with charcoal and lighting it with some firelighters. The air supply at the bottom must be fully open and the lid must also be open. The ceramic body around the basket (firepot) holds the heat perfectly and ensures that the flame is lit quickly. Once there’s a layer of grey ash on the coals, you can start barbecuing. As mentioned above, the Kamal kamado grill retains the heat very well. This is because this charcoal egg BBQ is made entirely of mullite-based ceramic. This material keeps the heat inside, ensures that the coals stay lit and that the right temperature is maintained. In addition, this kamado BBQ has a lid with 100% airtight seal due to the flexible, durable wiremesh gasket and the four extremely solid stainless steel springs. This means that no air can enter and the heat, the smoke and the delicious taste remain inside. During barbecuing you can easily regulate the temperature yourself by playing with the air supply. You can raise or lower the temperature by opening or closing the air supply at the bottom slider and the top valve.
How does the Kamal kamado BBQ work? How does the Kamal kamado BBQ work? How does the Kamal kamado BBQ work?
Upgrade your Kamal kamado BBQ
The Kamal kamado BBQ is equipped with a stainless steel grid on which you can prepare plenty of different dishes. However, you can also upgrade this ceramic egg BBQ very easily. Various accessories can be attached to the kamado grill to expand the possibilities. Inside the Kamal ceramic egg BBQ is a special holder in which two half circles of ceramic (plate setters) can be placed. These form a kind of barrier between the direct heat of the charcoal and your preparation and are therefore used for 'indirect' grilling. They are ideal, for example, when you want your preparation to cook slowly. If you remove the plate setters, your preparation will come in direct contact with the charcoal heat and you will be grilling 'directly'. In addition, you can attach a flexible cooking system in your kamado grill that allows you to place two half grids each at a different height and thus adjust your cooking technique according to the ingredients to be prepared. In addition to stainless steel grids, you can even use (half) cast iron grids. Furthermore, it’s also possible to use the Kamal kamado BBQ to smoke ingredients, make simmering pots or even prepare pizzas. Plenty of possibilities!
Upgrade your Kamal kamado BBQ Upgrade your Kamal kamado BBQ Upgrade your Kamal kamado BBQ
How to clean the Kamal kamado BBQ?
Cleaning your Kamal kamado grill is also extremely easy. To remove the coarse dirt you heat your appliance for about 30 minutes at 260 ° C, so the burned food and other residues easily burn. Then brush the inside with a soft brush, empty the ashtray and simply put your stainless steel grid in the dishwasher. The outside of your ceramic egg BBQ is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Then dry the appliance thoroughly and pull the cover for the Kamal kamado BBQ over your appliance.
How to clean the Kamal kamado BBQ? How to clean the Kamal kamado BBQ? How to clean the Kamal kamado BBQ?
Specifications of the kamado BBQ Kamal 60
The kamado BBQ Kamal 60 has a glossy black finish with a beautiful relief of leaves. This charcoal BBQ has a working height of 80 cm and has a dishwasher safe grid made of stainless steel with a diameter of 53 cm. With this ceramic egg BBQ you can barbecue for 12 people. The Kamal 60 weighs 106 kg (net) and is easy to move thanks to the sturdy casters and two brakes. In addition, you can use the two side tables as a work surface and fold them afterwards when storing your appliance. This kamado grill also features a built-in thermometer that displays the temperature in °C and °F, and can go above 1000°C. It’s a true all-rounder. Choosing for our kamado BBQ Kamal is choosing for a long-term investment!
Specifications of the kamado BBQ Kamal 60 Specifications of the kamado BBQ Kamal 60 Specifications of the kamado BBQ Kamal 60
Technical details


Item length mm 1380
Item width mm 840
Item height mm 1105
Cooking size Ø 53 cm
Cooking height 80 cm


Adjustable airsupply
Ash catcher
Integrated thermometer in lid
Lid with handle
Number of handles
Number of turnable wheels 4

General information

Article code BC-CHA-1061
EAN 5420059857267

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