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Adam 50


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  • Intense or gentle grilling with the height-adjustable grill.
  • Adjustable air supply for perfect control of the fire
  • Has a Quickstart® system.
  • With wheel and handle
Size L x W x H
Size L x W x H
53,8 x 54,3 x 96cm
Grill surface
Grill surface
⌀ 47,5cm
Number of persons
Number of persons
Adam 50 charcoal BBQ
Meet the Adam charcoal BBQ, a beautiful black model with a silver finish. This appliance has it all, the looks and the features! The Adam charcoal barbecue looks a lot like the Loewy charcoal barbecue, yet there are some important differences. This charcoal BBQ is available in two different sizes: the Adam 50 and the Adam 50 TOP. Worth discovering!
What are the advantages of an Adam 50 charcoal BBQ?
The Adam 50 charcoal barbecue is extremely easy to use! First of all, it is very easy to light this BBQ thanks to the QuickStart® system. Once the coals are glowing and covered with a thin layer of grey ash, you can put your preparations on the grill. The Adam charcoal BBQ has a high quality chrome-plated steel grid. It has a diameter of 47,5 cm and can be placed at three different heights. The Adam 50 charcoal BBQ rests on three different points. No lack of stability at all! The BBQ even has a wheel and can therefore be moved very easily.
How does an Adam 50 charcoal BBQ work?
One of the characteristics of the Adam 50 charcoal BBQ is the QuickStart® system. With the QuickStart® system you can light your charcoal BBQ very easily. This is how it works: remove the bottom grid and insert three rolled-up torch newspapers into the lighting tube. Then replace the bottom grid and place a pile of charcoal or briquettes in the barbecue tub. Create sufficient air circulation using the adjustable air supply at the bottom of your Adam 50 charcoal BBQ. Light the newspaper with a match or lighter through one of the two holes at the bottom. After about 15 minutes the charcoals/briquettes will glow. Throw some extra charcoal or briquettes into the barbecue bowl, until it is half full. Wait until all the charcoals/briquettes are white/hot. Now you are ready to get started with your Adam 50 charcoal barbecue! When your barbecue party is coming to an end, let your BBQ cool down. Once it has cooled down, remove the bottom grid and wipe off all the ash and other residue in the tube of your charcoal BBQ. These will end up in the ash container, which you can easily unplug and empty.
How does an Adam 50 charcoal BBQ work? How does an Adam 50 charcoal BBQ work? How does an Adam 50 charcoal BBQ work?
Specifications of the Adam 50 charcoal BBQ
The Adam 50 charcoal BBQ has a black design in enamelled steel with silver-coloured elements in stainless steel. The charcoal BBQ has a height of 96,5 cm. The chromed grid has a diameter of 47,5 cm and can be placed at three different heights. With the Adam 50 charcoal BBQ you can serve up to 10 people. The windshield ensures that you remain in control of your preparations. To get even more control over your preparations, you can attach the Barbecook dome to your Adam. Enough positive features to proceed to the purchase of your own Adam 50 charcoal barbecue!
Technical details


Item length mm 538
Item width mm 543
Item height mm 963
Cooking size Ø 47.5cm
Cooking height 83-91cm


Adjustable airsupply
Ash catcher
Number of handles
Number of wheels 2
Windscreen included

General information

Article code BC-CHA-1027
EAN 5400269207472

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