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  • Very portable.
  • Lid with handle.
  • Adjustable air supply.
  • Shock-resistant finish
Size L x W x H
Size L x W x H
32 x 32 x 56cm
Grill surface
Grill surface
⌀ 29,7cm
Number of persons
Number of persons
Billy barbecue
The adventurers among us will not be able to resist: the Billy barbecue, a small but brave model with a shock-resistant finish that can be taken to the craziest places! With its adjustable air supply and its practical lid, this charcoal barbecue is definitely a must-have for many barbecue fans.
Billy barbecue Billy barbecue Billy barbecue
What are the advantages of a Billy barbecue?
A Billy barbecue is a handy portable model that can easily be taken anywhere. This appliance can therefore also be classified under the table BBQ category or, in other words, the on-the-go BBQ. Barbecook's Carlo and Karl also fall under the table BBQ category. The Billy barbecue fits perfectly within the current trends of urban living and the fact that more and more people are becoming real world citizens. So the BBQ Billy is the ideal choice for those who don't have a garden or only a small terrace or for people who like to go on an adventure: to the mountains, the beach or just the city park. Moreover, this BBQ Billy has a lid: a sea breeze or a few raindrops will certainly not spoil your barbecue party! The Billy barbecue is easy to take with you thanks to the handle attached to the top of the lid. However, make sure that you always click the lid with the clamps attached to the base of your Billy barbecue. This way you won't lose the bottom part on the way! The Billy table BBQ is perfect to serve up to four people with BBQ delicacies. The grid consists of chromed steel. The layer of chrome ensures that it is protected against rust. You can really prepare anything on this type of grid. You can also put it on two different positions, depending on how you want to grill your ingredients.
What are the advantages of a Billy barbecue? What are the advantages of a Billy barbecue? What are the advantages of a Billy barbecue?
How does a Billy barbecue work?
It is important to always light your Billy barbecue with charcoal, not with briquettes. Once your coal glows, you can decide to add some briquettes too. It is essential to always choose for high quality charcoal. Perfect are large, airy coals with a dull, black colour. These coals ensure a better circulation of oxygen which makes them glow faster. So avoid bags with small pieces and a lot of grit. Fill the bowl of your table BBQ for about 1/3 and add 3 lighter cubes. Place the stainless steel filler ring on the bowl and fasten it with the clamps. Open the air supply holes at the bottom of your BBQ bowl and use a long match or lighter to light your Billy barbecue. After about 15 minutes there should be a thin layer of grey ash on the coals and you can put your grid on the BBQ Billy. The grill session can begin! Adjust the intensity of the fire using the air supply holes.
How does a Billy barbecue work? How does a Billy barbecue work? How does a Billy barbecue work?
How do you clean your Billy barbecue?
It is important to clean your BBQ Billy thoroughly after each use. This is quite simple. Always wait until your table BBQ has cooled down completely. Then loosen the filler ring. The filling ring and the bottom shell can easily be placed in the dishwasher. The rest can be cleaned with a sponge and warm water. The grid can be cleaned using the Barbecook foam cleaner. Dry everything thoroughly after cleaning and store your Billy table BBQ indoors.
How do you clean your Billy barbecue? How do you clean your Billy barbecue? How do you clean your Billy barbecue?
Technical details


Item length mm 320
Item width mm 320
Item height mm 560
Cooking size Ø 29.7cm
Cooking height 33 cm


Adjustable airsupply
Lid with handle
Number of handles

General information

Article code BC-CHA-1000
EAN 5400269204594

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