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Cutting table made of bamboo


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  • Handy folding table.
  • Side table for when grilling.
  • Easy to store.
  • Easy to clean.
Barbecue cutting table
Barbecues often involve a lot of cutting. Before, during and after barbecuing. It is therefore essential to prepare for this as well as possible. With the right accessories you will come a long way! Barbecook would like to give you a hand with its ultra-handy bamboo cutting table, which is perfect to cut ingredients on or to put accessories on.
Barbecue cutting table Barbecue cutting table Barbecue cutting table
The advantages of the barbecue cutting table
Cutting ingredients has never been easier thanks to Barbecook's practical cutting table. The cutting table consists of a bamboo base with a removable bamboo cutting board on top. Therefore, you can use the cutting board both on and off the base. The cutting table has a height of 81 cm. The advantages of bamboo are endless. Bamboo absorbs hardly any moisture so there’s a minimum risk of cracks in your cutting table. Furthermore, there will be barely any grooves when cutting because of the high density of bamboo. This is a good thing for hygiene, since bacteria normally nestle in the grooves. Finally, bamboo is gentle on your knives and does not make them dull. When cutting ingredients, juices may be released, for example from tomatoes or red meat. Fortunately, the cutting board of Barbecook's cutting table is provided with a juice channel. This simply catches all the released juices. So there is no risk of leaks. Besides cutting ingredients, the cutting table can also be used to place various accessories on. You would be surprised how many accessories and other things you need while barbecuing. Just think of a bottle of olive oil, a lighter, a thermometer or a steel brush to clean your grid in between grilling. Your cutting table should also always be cleaned thoroughly after use. You do this with warm water and a mild detergent. Be careful, don’t let the parts of the cutting table soak in water for a long time. Also rub your cutting table regularly with Barbecook's mineral oil to extend its life span.
The advantages of the barbecue cutting table The advantages of the barbecue cutting table The advantages of the barbecue cutting table
Bamboo cutting boards of Barbecook
Besides the bamboo cutting table, Barbecook offers many other bamboo cutting boards. These are available in various sizes and all have the same wonderful natural look as the bamboo cutting table. When working with different ingredients during a barbecue, it is important to use several cutting boards at the same time in order to prevent cross-contamination. Raw chicken, for example, can contain pathogenic bacteria. If you use the same board for chicken and another ingredient, you risk food poisoning. So pay attention!
Bamboo cutting boards of Barbecook Bamboo cutting boards of Barbecook Bamboo cutting boards of Barbecook
Technical details


Item length mm 700
Item width mm 430
Item height mm 810

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Article code BC-ACC-7154
EAN 5400269207267

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