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Universal cooking griddle of enamelled cast iron


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  • Universal contact plate.
  • Suitable for use on all Barbecook Siesta and Stella gas barbecues.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Double-sided: one flat and one ribbed side.
Universal BBQ cooking griddle for Siesta and Stella gas barbecues
Do you also love the Southern kitchen? Then Barbecook’s universal BBQ cooking griddle is definitely something for you! Put the BBQ cooking griddle on your gas barbecue and discover plenty of new grill possibilities. ¡Caramba!
What is a universal BBQ cooking griddle?
When you go to a Spanish restaurant, you will undoubtedly find dishes 'à la plancha' on the menu. Literally translated, this means: baking on a plate. To make this experience also possible on your gas barbecue, Barbecook came up with a universal BBQ cooking griddle. This BBQ cooking griddle is entirely made of enamelled cast iron and has both a ribbed and a flat side. The specific composition of the BBQ cooking griddle ensures that it heats up quickly and that the heat is easily retained. This makes searing your favourite ingredients, such as prawns or squid, child's play. This BBQ cooking griddle is specifically designed for all Siesta and Stella gas barbecues.
How does the universal BBQ cooking griddle work?
Using Barbecook’s universal BBQ cooking griddle is super easy. Put the BBQ cooking griddle on your gas barbecue and open your gas bottle. Put all burners on full power and let the gas barbecue pre-heat for about ten minutes. When the barbecue is hot enough, add a little bit of olive oil on the BBQ cooking griddle and the 'à la plancha' grilling can begin. The hotter the plate, the smaller the chance that food will stick. Moreover, high temperatures preserve the pure taste of your ingredients. Do you prefer to grill on the flat plate or do you prefer to have some grill marks on your preparations? With the universal BBQ cooking griddle, both posibilities work! Grilling on a universal BBQ cooking griddle goes very fast, so don't forget to turn your ingredients in time. For instance, you only need to grill prawns for 2 minutes on each side. Scoop your dishes from the plate using the plancha spatula.
How to maintain the universal BBQ cooking griddle?
Maintaining the BBQ cooking griddle is a piece of cake! Aggressive cleaning agents are absolutely out of the question. Simply pour some water on the hot BBQ cooking griddle to loosen the dirt. Then use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe away the remaining grease residue when the appliance has cooled down. Never forget to dry the BBQ cooking griddle sufficiently before storing it.
Delicious tip
Fancy a small and easy apero? Buy 1 kg of mussels and wash them thoroughly. Let the universal BBQ cooking griddle heat up on your gas barbecue with closed lid. When the BBQ cooking griddle is hot enough, put the mussels on the plate. You can also add finely chopped celery and some onions. Season the mussels with pepper, salt and fish spices and deglaze with some white wine. Close the lid and 5 minutes later the mussel party can begin! Enjoy!
Technical details


Item length mm 430
Item width mm 350
Item height mm 20

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Article code BC-ACC-7126
EAN 5400269240530

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