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  • Environmentally friendly and powerful gel.
  • Suitable for starting your barbecue.
  • Also usable in fireplace.
  • Doesn't leave behind any harmful substances.
When planning a barbecue or an evening around the fire, the first step is to light your fire. For many people this seems to be a quite complex task, but with the right techniques and accessories it’s extremely easy. Barbecook offers a few handy tools to help you light your charcoal barbecue, wood barbecue, fire bowl or fire basket. Many will immediately think of lighter cubes. These are indeed an ideal tool for lighting your fire. However, there is another handy tool: lighter gel. Barbecook offers powerful lighter gel of 1 litre.
The use of lighter gel is extremely simple. When lighting a charcoal barbecue, drop the some charcoal or briquettes in your bowl until it’s half full. Then distribute the lighter gel evenly on the coals or briquettes and light it immediately using a long match or lighter. Never put lighter gel in a barbecue bowl that is still warm. The lighter gel must be fully burned before you can start barbecuing. The charcoal or briquettes must be covered with a thin layer of grey ash. Then the grilling session can begin! For a wood barbecue, fire basket or fire bowl, first put some kindling on the bottom of your appliance. Then build a pyramid of logs and divide the lighter gel between your wood. Light the kindling. Once your wood is burning, you need to maintain your fire by adding logs where it glows less. If you really want to be sure of a good burning barbecue or fire, you can use both lighter cubes and lighter gel. Avoid at all times the use of spirit or petrol to make your fire burn faster. This spreads harmful substances and can cause stabbing flames that cause serious burns. Always store your bottle of lighter gel safely after lighting your fire, away from heat, sparks or other sources of ignition.
Barbecook's lighter gel is extremely powerful and therefore ideal to light your fire quickly. Moreover, it is the ideal choice for those who like to keep it sustainable, because the lighter gel is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, this gel is odourless. This way you will not suffer from an unpleasant smell during your barbecue session or your cosy moment around the fire. Finally, you can also use the lighter gel to light your fireplace in combination with kindling.
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Item length mm 30
Item width mm 30
Item height mm 250

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