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Bag of 72 lighter cubes FSC®


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  • Bag of 72 firelighters.
  • DIN-certified.
When planning a barbecue or an evening around the fire, the first step is to light your fire. For many people this seems to be a quite complex task, but with the right techniques and accessories it’s extremely easy. It is crucial to have barbecue lighter cubes with you. These are indispensable for lighting your charcoal barbecue, wood barbecue, fire bowl and fire basket. It is essential to choose a qualitative and sustainable variant. Otherwise there is a risk of releasing harmful substances. Barbecook offers bags with 72 environmentally friendly barbecue lighter cubes. These ensure that you can light your fire in a fast and safe way!
The use of barbecue lighter cubes is quite simple. For a charcoal barbecue, it is best to use them in combination with a charcoal starter. You place three barbecue lighter cubes on the bottom grid of your barbecue and then place the charcoal starter on top. Fill it with charcoal or briquettes. Then light the barbecue lighter cubes through one of the holes at the bottom of the starter using a long match or lighter. The charcoal starter sucks in the hot air from below and spreads it through the coals or briquettes. A good air circulation is therefore very important. Sticking your barbecue lighter cubes between your coals or briquettes makes less sense because you risk a shortage of oxygen. Even with a wood barbecue, fire bowl and fire basket, you always need to provide enough oxygen so that the barbecue lighter cubes can do their work. Do not cover your barbecue lighter cubes under the wood. You can light these types of appliances as follows: put some kindling and some barbecue lighter cubes on the bottom and light them. Then build a pyramid with about 5 logs. Once your fire is burning, the trick is to maintain it and keep it at the same temperature. You do this by adding logs in the places where it glows less. Avoid at all times the use of spirit or petrol to make your fire burn faster. This spreads harmful substances and can cause serious burns!
Barbecook’s barbecue lighter cubes are completely natural: they consist of pressed wood fibres and vegetable oils and burn completely CO2 neutral. An extremely good choice for those who like to keep it healthy and sustainable. Furthermore, the barbecue lighter cubes have an unlimited shelf life. Whether you use them today or within a few years, the quality remains the same. In addition, the cubes are completely odourless. So you won't be bothered by disturbing smells during your barbecue session or your cosy moment around the fire.
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Item length mm 140
Item width mm 90
Item height mm 295

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