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  • Suitable for marinating your preparations.
  • Heat resistant to 250°C.
When barbecuing, we all love to add enough flavour to our preparations. We generally do this before we put our ingredients on the grill, but we also like to add some extra flavour during the barbecue session itself. A good rub or a rich marinade are a wonderful extra! A rub is a dry mix of herbs, a marinade is a mixture of a liquid - such as olive oil or lemon juice - and herbs. To apply a marinade, it is best to use the right barbecue accessories. A silicone brush is an ideal tool to do this.
You can apply a marinade or other liquid to your preparations using a silicone brush. This handy accessory absorbs easily a lot of liquid. This way you can spread your marinade richly on your preparations without any problems. The bristles of a silicone brush do not stick together at all when they come into contact with a - sometimes sticky - marinade. This can be the case with a traditional brush with normal bristles. When using a silicone brush you also don't have to worry about hairs from the brush getting into your food, because this type of brush can't lose hairs. This means it is a 100% hygienic and completely food safe accessory. It's also nice to know that a silicone brush can withstand temperatures up to 250°C, so you can use it without any problem on your ingredients while they're laying on the hot grill. Finally, a silicone brush is also very easy to clean. You rinse the accessory under running hot water and, if necessary, use a little bit of a mild detergent. Then just let the brush dry in the air.
Barbecook offers a silicone brush with a handle in stainless steel. This practical tool makes marinating extremely easy. The silicone brush can withstand temperatures up to 250° C, so you can easily rub your hot ingredients when they’re laying on the grill. This accessory is 23 cm long. The handle of the brush is designed in such a way that you can easily hang it on the accessory hooks of your barbecue (for example the accessory hooks on the Stella gas barbecue or the Alexia electric barbecue). Barbecook also offers similar accessories: the Olivia marinade brush, as well as a marinade brush including a pot in which you can put your marinade.
Technical details


Item length mm 45
Item width mm 13
Item height mm 230

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Article code BC-ACC-7092
EAN 5400269222192

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