Digital thermometer with app


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  • Measurement range from -45°C to 200°C.
  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • Includes two 1,5V batteries.
  • Made of stainless steel and easy to maintain.
How do you know whether your fish, meat or poultry is cooked or better left for some more minutes on the barbecue? Thanks to a barbecue thermometer! Most barbecue recipes indicate the cooking times, but because the temperature of your coals is not always constant, and one piece of fish, meat or poultry is a bit thinner or thicker than the other, it is better not to rely on the recipe indications blindly. Barbecook offers a digital pocket thermometer, but also a thermometer linked to an application - the thermo app, especially for the digital wizards among us! In this way, you can easily keep an eye on the cooking time of your dishes from your chair. Why choose difficult if it's easy?
The Barbecook thermo app was created to give barbecue enthusiasts an extra pleasant experience. Thanks to this application, you no longer have to wait at your barbecue to keep an eye on your cooking time. The thermo app does the work. This means you can stay with your guests and keep an eye on the application via your mobile phone. But how does this digital tool exactly work? First of all, install the thermo app on your smartphone (suitable for iOS7 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher). It is called 'Barbecook Digital Thermo' in your app store. Turn on the thermometer. Switch on your bluetooth and location on your smartphone and search for the thermometer via the search button in the application. After that, it’s simple. Choose from the pre-programmed settings which preparation you want to prepare and how you want it baked. You can also adjust the preset temperatures and times yourself. The thermometer has two pins called P1 and P2 on the thermo app. When using a pin, it is important to always stick it in the middle of your preparation and not near a bone or a piece of fat. Once your pins are attached to your preparation, we advise to close your lid. In this way you guarantee a result that is as accurate as possible. So use one of Barbecook's gas barbecues or a charcoal barbecue with lid or with a Barbecook dome. A nice extra of the thermo app is that you can post a picture of your temperature curve or your cooked meal on your social media channels or send it by email. This way, everyone stays informed about your fantastic grillskills!
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Item length mm 220
Item width mm 48
Item height mm 120



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Article code BC-ACC-7086
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