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3-in-1 long brush black


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  • Suitable for cleaning your barbecue grill.
  • 3 functions: brushing, sanding and scraping.
It’s very important to clean your barbecue grill after every use. This isn’t only a requirement for a good hygiene, it can also extend the life span of your barbecue. However, by using the right cleaning accessories from Barbecook, this shouldn’t problem. Get to know Barbecook's 3-in-1 long brush, an ultra handy accessory with which you can scrape, brush and sand your grill. For an extra clean result!
After using Barbecook's 3-in-1 brush, your grill will look like a new one! This accessory has - as the name suggests - three different functions: scraping, brushing and sanding. First of all you can use the metal scraper to remove the extreme dirt residues from your grid. Thanks to the handy design, these come along very easily. Once this is done, you can proceed to brushing and sanding your grid. A golden tip: it is recommended to heat your barbecue to a high temperature for about ten minutes before cleaning. This way the dirt and grease will burn to ash. This will make cleaning a lot easier. Lemon can also work miracles. Rub your grill thoroughly with it and let it soak in for a few hours. Your 3-in-1 brush will do the rest of the work! The brush can be used on the grids of all Barbecook appliances, both chromed, enamelled and stainless steel, as well as on the cast iron grids. This 3-in-1 brush has a length of 37 cm and is also available in a smaller size that fits easily in the hand. Barbecook also offers many other cleaning accessories. Discover the great features of the grill cleaner, long spiral brush and so much more!
Of course, you can also take preventive action and make sure that your grid barely gets dirty. Rub some vegetable oil or lemon juice on your preparations or on your grill beforehand to ensure that your ingredients stick to your grill. As a result, you will also have less dirt residues at the end of your barbecue session. Barbecook also offers various accessories that ensure that your food does not touch the grid at all. Think of a grill mat - round or rectangular - or grill plates. The Barbecook grill topper for bites also ensures that there is less dirt on your grid itself. Simply wash these accessories afterwards and they are ready for the next use!
Technical details


Item length mm 35
Item width mm 20
Item height mm 420

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Article code BC-ACC-7065
EAN 5400269231576

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