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  • Suitable for preparing 5 brochettes.
  • Can be used on both a charcoal and gas barbecue.
Brochettes on the barbecue, yummy! You stick to what you feel like and you get a versatile taste bomb. But how do you prepare them as efficiently as possible? With a BBQ kebab rack of course! A BBQ kebab rack clamps several skewers, making it extra easy to keep control. This way you can conjure up the best brochettes ever!
When you want to combine delicious ingredients, it's a nice idea to stick them together on a skewer. Please note that these have to be all ingredients that have approximately the same cooking time. Tomatoes need less time on the barbecue then carrots, for example. You can also use skewers when it comes to small ingredients, this way you avoid these small things slipping through the grill of your barbecue. When making skewers, the use of a BBQ kebab rack is highly recommended! Just because you clamp the skewers in the holder, the ingredients that are stuck on them all cook well. You turn the skewers very easily and quickly without fiddling. In this way, all sides of your ingredients are baked deliciously. Maximum control guaranteed! Furthermore, a BBQ kebab rack is extremely easy to maintain. In general, you can easily disassemble the BBQ kebab rack and clean it completely with a sponge and some lukewarm water. Just dry it thoroughly and your BBQ kebab rack is ready for the next use!
With a tasty skewer you can undoubtedly charm everyone, because the nice thing is that you can choose what you like! So the possibilities are endless. For example, do you have vegetarians among your guests? Leave out the chicken pieces and stick a few vegetables on them and possibly some haloumi or tofu! For fish fans you can make delicious fish satays, which are best made with firm fish such as cod, halibut or monkfish. Seafood is also popular on skewers, think of scampi, scallops or even mussels, delicious! For the kids you can make colourful skewers with alternating pieces of vegetables and meat or fish. This way they already have the necessary vitamins in their skewers. Everything in the BBQ kebab rack and let’s grill!
Barbecook offers a BBQ kebab rack in stainless steel in which you can clamp up to five skewers. This BBQ kebab rack is suitable for gas and charcoal barbecues. The holder is extremely easy to maintain. The dimensions of the BBQ kebab rack are 35.5 cm by 26.5 cm. Still want to grill without a BBQ kebab rack? Then discover Barbecook's range of loose skewers: in stainless steel with wooden handle, in chrome with wooden handle, entirely in stainless steel and in bamboo. Plenty of choice!
Technical details


Item length mm 265
Item width mm 45
Item height mm 355

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Article code BC-ACC-7017
EAN 5400269238728

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