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  • Perfect for cooking large cuts of meat or ribs.
  • Practical handles.
  • Suitable for 6 spareribs.
  • When you flip it over, it can be used as a tub for larger pieces of meat.
  • Dishwasher safe
Spare ribs are a popular dish on the barbecue. Delicious to nibble at as a snack or served as a main course accompanied with some tasty side dishes. You can prepare them in many different ways: marinated in honey, with herb butter or what about adding a spicy touch? However, we all want to be sure of one thing: tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. To achieve this you can use a spare rib rack, a solid barbecue accessory in which you can put several spare ribs at the same time. This way, you make them tender through the indirect heat of your barbecue. Before or afterwards, you can give your spare ribs a crispy layer by frying them on your grill.
Do you have some guests coming over and are you planning to prepare spare ribs on your barbecue? Then you certainly have to use the spare rib rack in order to prepare several spare rib pieces at the same time. A spare rib rack looks a bit like a plate or lid holder with the difference that you put spare ribs in between instead of plates or lids. This barbecue accessory is generally made of stainless steel so it can withstand perfectly the heat within your barbecue. The spare rib rack is multifunctional: you can not only put spare ribs in it, other types of meat also fit perfectly in this tool. Since you sort all your spare ribs in the spare rib rack, you gain some space to prepare some side dishes on your barbecue. And how about tastefully flavoured potatoes made with the Barbecook’s Hasselback potato prep set? A perfect match!
Making spare ribs requires some preparation, because you often buy them unprepared at the butcher shop. First of all, you need to check whether the milky white fleece at the bottom has already been removed. If not, remove it yourself with a sharp knife. You do not have to remove any other fat, this only makes it more tasty. Once your spare ribs have been cleaned, you can marinate them. It is important to use a marinade that contains lemon juice or vinegar, this will make your meat extra tender. Preferably, give the marinade one night to penetrate. Once you put the spare ribs in the spare rib rack, it is advisable to regularly recover them with some marinade. Bake them on the grill just before or afterwards. For a deliciously crunchy result!
Barbecook offers a stainless steel spare rib rack in which you can prepare up to six spare rib pieces at the same time. The openings of the rib rack are wide enough so all your spare ribs - large or small - fit perfectly in between. This barbecue accessory has handles on the side, this way you can easily remove the rack from your barbecue. The spare rib rack can be used on all Barbecook charcoal and gas barbecues. The dimensions are 34,5 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm.
Technical details


Item length mm 345
Item width mm 150
Item height mm 200

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Article code BC-ACC-7015
EAN 5400269238711

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