Discover the most delicious BBQ recipes here. From classic meat dishes to surprising vegetarian dishes to heavenly fish preparations! With barbecue you can go all the way. Let's grill & enjoy!

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BBQ recipes

When it comes to BBQ recipes, many people only think of meat. This is a wrong idea. BBQ recipes include so much more than meat. Think of fish, poultry, game, vegetables, fruit or even dairy products like cheese and eggs! The possibilities are truly endless. The preparation methods are also extremely diverse: direct grilling, indirect grilling, simmering or even smoking. Long story short: you can conjure up countless BBQ recipes with a barbecue!

BBQ recipes with meat & poultry

Nothing better than a piece of meat or poultry on the barbecue! Lavishly marinated, super tender and the perfect temperature, thanks to the right techniques and the appropriate accessories, it's all possible. Surprise your guests with the tastiest BBQ recipes in which meat plays the leading role! From a juicy chicken to Greek gyros or even a pork belly sandwich. Yummy!

BBQ recipes with fish & seafood

Fish and seafood are not only a source of essential and healthy nutrients, these delicacies are also a real treat for your taste buds! It gets even better when you prepare all this on the barbecue. Sea bass in salt crust, smoked mackerel or a delicious grilled fillet of sole. Let yourself be tempted by the most delicious BBQ recipes with fis hand seafood!

BBQ recipes with vegetables

BBQ recipes with vegetables are a real hit! With these vitamin bombs you can do endless things: a crispy cauliflower steak, a soup of roasted vegetables or how about a classic from grandma's kitchen: endive rolls? Irresistible!

BBQ recipes with fruit

A BBQ recipe with fruit, is that possible? Yes it is! Finish your barbecue party in style and try for example grilled pineapple, a banana with melted chocolate or a papillote with red fruit and a dash of cherry beer. The sweet-toothed among us will be able to eat their fill!

Other BBQ recipes

Of course, it doesn't stop with the above categories. There are so many more diverse BBQ recipes. Discover all about smoking cheese and eggs, baking a pizza or even preparing a delicious pot of mulled wine over the fire. The most delicious BBQ recipes can be found here, no doubt about it!

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