Plancha BBQ

Do you want to give your dishes a Spanish touch? It’s possible! Get to know the BBQ plancha, an ultra-handy grill that allows you to to conjure up a variety of dishes: from pasta vongole to a juicy piece of meat or how about pancakes? It's all possible! Grilling on the BBQ plancha is a baking method that has blown over from southern Spain and it's becoming more and more popular! 

What is a BBQ plancha and how does it work?

When you go to a Spanish restaurant, you will certainly find a dish à la plancha on the menu. Literally translated: a dish baked on the plate. The BBQ plancha consists of a wide, flat baking plate made of aluminium, chrome, steel or cast iron. This baking tray is heated by powerful electrical resistance or gas burners. The BBQ plancha can take on very high temperatures in order to sear ingredients. However, thanks to the adjustable temperature buttons, you can also choose to bake your ingredients at lower temperatures. The actual baking time depends on several factors such as the temperature outside, wind and of course your own taste. Experience teaches you to estimate this time. 

What are the advantages of a BBQ plancha?

The advantages of a BBQ plancha are endless! First of all, it heats up in 1-2-3. Turn the control buttons and you are ready to go! Next, a very small amount of fat is enough to bake your preparation, a plus for those who like to keep it healthy. The hotter the plate of your BBQ plancha gets, the smaller the chance that the food will stick to it. Also, the high temperatures maintain the pure taste of your ingredients. Take your preparations from your BBQ plancha using a plancha spatula, which is extra mild for the delicate baking tray. In general, the BBQ plancha is available as a table version, but it's also often sold with a matching base, perfect for those who have a small city garden or only a balcony! 

How do you clean your BBQ plancha?

Cleaning a BBQ plancha is a piece of cake! Aggressive cleaning products are absolutely out of the question. Simply pour some water on the hot baking tray of the BBQ plancha and the dirt will come along easily. Then use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe off the dirt when the BBQ plancha has cooled down. Dry the plate thoroughly before storing your appliance.

Which BBQ planchas does Barbecook offer?

Barbecook has flawlessly picked up the BBQ plancha trend. The brand has two different models of the BBQ plancha in its range: the Victor and the Campo. 


Campo is a BBQ plancha with a handsome, black design that features a large baking tray in enamelled steel. With its two main burners and handy pot to collect sauces or fats, this BBQ plancha is the ideal choice for those who love Southern cooking!


Victor looks sleek and attractive and has a thermicore plate finished with non-stick coating. This BBQ plancha heats up very quickly and guarantees minimal consumption! Thanks to the two powerful main burners, you can count on a perfect end result. This BBQ plancha is available separately or can be purchased with an accompanying trolley!

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