Fire basket

If you love evenings full of fun with friends or family, then invest in a fire basket! A fire basket does not only bring warmth, it ensures also a nice atmosphere and conviviality. Having a cosy chat, roasting marshmallows over the fire or just reading a good book, it all appeals to the imagination. A fire basket can be used both during winter and summer!

What are the advantages of a fire basket?

A fire basket, also often called fire pit, is available in different shapes and sizes. There are traditional round fire pits in the shape of a basket with vertical bars, bowls, but also square or even hexagonal versions. Sleek or rather playful, anything is possible. A fire pit looks beautiful and for many people, it's a popular decorative item in the garden. It can be used all year long: on a sultry summer evening, after a lovely autumn walk or during the cold winter holidays. Furthermore, a fire basket is fairly compact and therefore easy to move and store. It’s an absolute mood-maker that brings people together and creates warmth, conviviality and light!

Which fire baskets does Barbecook offer?

Barbecook offers a nice range of solid fire baskets in different sizes and shapes. The fire baskets are made of cast iron, corten steel or of lacquered steel with black heat-resistant paint and every single piece is of the highest quality!


The Jura has a geometric hip design. This fire basket is undoubtedly the eye-catcher on every terrace. Thanks to the 5 legs, this fire pit is very stable. The open character allows you to fully enjoy the dancing flames. 


Like the Jura, the Sierra has a geometric design and also guarantees good stability thanks to its 5 legs. You can also enjoy the beautiful flames thanks to the openness of this model.

Classic Squadra

The Classic Squadra is a square fire pit with vertical bars. The practical handles make it easy to move this model. An unforgettable evening guaranteed with this fire basket! This fire pit includes an ash collection plate.

Modern Ronda

The Modern Ronda is a high fire pit with vertical bars. These bars do not only provide a beautiful design, they also ensure that enough oxygen can enter the fire basket to start the fire. This fire pit includes an ash collection plate.

Modern 60

The Modern 60 has a typical bowl-shaped design. This matt black fire bowl is made of cast iron, a very hard and qualitative material that guarantees optimal heat distribution. This fire bowl stands on three sturdy legs.

Modern 75

The Modern 75 resembles the Modern 60, only this fire bowl has a larger diameter. The Modern 75 is of the highest quality thanks to its cast iron material and is a treat for the eye thanks to its matt finish.

Jack 60

The Jack 60 is a beautiful fire bowl in corten steel. This fire bowl is not only of high quality, it’s a real eye-catcher in the garden. The diameter is 60 cm.

Jack 75

The Jack 75 is also made of corten steel. This qualitative fire bowl provides a nice, decorative touch in the garden. The diameter is 75 cm.


The Jill is a fire basket made of corten steel. The accompanying stainless steel plate can be used to turn the Jill into a table when the fire basket isn’t burning or to place under the basket as an ash tray.

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