Electric BBQ

A cosy barbecue to end a hot day? Wonderful, right! However, not everyone can afford to put just any barbecue on his terrace or in his garden. It’s often forbidden to barbecue if you live within the city ring. But no worries, there’s a solution for everything. Barbecook came up with an electric barbecue. An electric barbecue? Yes, it’s possible! Just plug it in and start grilling. Let those sultry summer evenings begin!

What are the advantages of an electric barbecue?

An electric barbecue works - as the name suggests - on electricity: plug it in and let’s go! It can be that easy. No hassle with gas cylinders, charcoal or briquettes, all you need is electricity. So the preparation time is minimal. Moreover, you light an electric barbecue quickly and easily: a few turns on the knobs and the barbecue party can begin. Grilling food becomes a lot easier because an electric barbecue guarantees an even temperature. By the way, did you know that there is no smoke when using an electric barbecue? True BBQ fanatics will perhaps experience this as a disadvantage because your preparations will consequently not get that typical smoke flavor, but the texture of your food will, in comparison with other types of barbecues, be the same! The absence of smoke, however, has many more advantages than disadvantages. For example, there’s no risk of unwanted eye irritations, you don’t smoke your guests out completely and you don't cause any inconvenience to the neighbours. Moreover, an electric barbecue is the most environmentally friendly solution and therefore the ideal appliance for the eco-warriors among us. Also for people who live small or are located in the middle of town, the electric barbecue is a must-have. This type of barbecue is extremely compact, on a stand or as a table model, the choice is yours! After your dinner, you unplug your electric barbecue and the appliance cools down quickly. Once cooled down, it’s important to clean the electric barbecue before storing it. This is also a piece of cake: with some warm water and a sponge, the job is done in no time. Dry well and store. 

Which electric barbecues does Barbecook offer?

Barbecook offers the electric barbecue Alexia, available in two variants: one with side tables - Alexia 5111 - and one without side tables - Alexia 5011.


The electric barbecue Alexia is a compact appliance that can be used on a base but also perfectly serves as a table barbecue. This BBQ has a baking tray of cast aluminum, with non-stick coating, which is heated by an electric heating element. This electric barbecue is already heated up after 3 minutes and can be set to 5 different heat levels. Thanks to the lid, you have the opportunity to grill both directly and indirectly. Advantages enough, what are you waiting for?

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