BBQ smoker

Do you like dishes with an authentic taste full of character? Then smoking is certainly something for you! Real fans can choose to buy a BBQ smoker. A BBQ smoker is an appliance that is used to smoke various ingredients. Smoking used to be an important method of preservation and the added flavour was just an afterthought. Today it's the other way around, a BBQ smoker is mainly used to add an extra delicious smoky flavour to preparations!

Smoking, how does it work?

You don't know anything about smoking? No problem, we are happy to give you a lesson in smoking for beginners! First of all, it's important to brine your ingredients before you put them in your BBQ smoker, follow the instructions in your recipe. What many people don't know is that you can smoke both hot and cold. The big difference between those two methods is the temperature. When smoking hot, the temperature may not exceed the limit of 70 to 75 °C. By filling your BBQ smoker with smoking chips or wood chunks soaked in water, your preparation will have a smoky flavour and will be cooked. With cold smoking, on the other hand, your preparation is only smoked but not cooked. This takes place at a low temperature, between 20 and 25 °C. By smoking ingredients at a cold temperature, you remove moisture from the raw product and thus inhibit bacterial growth. This ensures a longer shelf life. With this method you use Barbecook's cold smoke generator which you fill with smoking dust and you let it smoulder with a tea light inside your BBQ smoker. You gently blow out the flame as soon as the smoking dust starts to discolour. The smoke should be thin and bluish in colour. Then follow the times indicated in your recipe and try not to get your preparation out of the BBQ smoker earlier than indicated. Patience is a beautiful virtue!

Which BBQ smokers does Barbecook offer?

Get to know Barbecook's two types of BBQ smokers: the Oskar, a sturdy model with lots of possibilities, and the Otto, a smaller electric BBQ smoker that is sure to do the job!


The Oskar can be used as a smoker and barbecue. An adjustable air supply, robust grids and suspension hooks are the secret of this powerful 2-in-1 appliance. With Oskar you can smoke both hot and cold, whereby the smoke flavour is obtained by adding smoking chips, wood chunks (hot smoking) or smoking dust (cold smoking). This BBQ smoker is available in two different sizes: Oskar S and Oskar M.


The Otto is an electric BBQ smoker with which you can conjure up heavenly hot smoked dishes! The appliance is extremely user-friendly: fill your BBQ smoker with smoking chips soaked in water, place your preparation on the grill, plug in and smoke!

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