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Barbecook Karl | specifications


L x W x H: 59 x 29 x 15,5 cm
Height: -
Number of people: 6
Grilling Surface: 41,5 x 23,2 cm
Grid Material: Enamelled
External bowl material: SST
Internal burner box material: -
Including ventilator: +
Including carry bag: +
4 x AA batteries: Not included
Extra: USB Connection for powerbank
Barbecook Karl

Barbecook Karl

6 x

Karl is not only good looking, but is also equipped with all of todays unmissable features: power, comfort, and design. Stylish table barbecue on charcoal with built-in ventilator. With USB connection for power bank and trendy LED light. Functional components easy to dismantle and dishwasher proof. Barbecook Karl is a charcoal grill & can only be used outside.

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Barbecook Karl
Barbecook Karl