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Barbecook Joya White | specifications


L x W x H: -
Height: 15 cm
Number of people: 4.0
Grilling Surface: 26 cm
Grid Material: chrome
External bowl material: ceramic
Internal burner box material: stainless steel
Including ventilator: -
Including carry bag: -
4 x AA batteries: -
Extra: Start pack: Joya Table Grill + 650 g Grilltabs + 4 bamboo tongs
Barbecook Joya White

Barbecook Joya White

4 x

Joya is at home just about anywhere, from the park to tropical beaches, and even the banks of a lake. Are you ready for your Joya Experience? Contents: Joya table barbecue, Grilltabs, 4 bamboo tongs, chrome-plated grill Ø 26 cm.

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Barbecook Joya White
Barbecook Joya White