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Barbecook Billy | specifications


L x W x H: 30 x 30 x 56 cm
Height: -
Number of people: 4
Grilling Surface: 29,7 cm
Grid Material: Chrome
External bowl material: Painted steel
Internal burner box material: -
Including ventilator: -
Including carry bag: -
4 x AA batteries: -
Extra: Adjustable air supply
Barbecook Billy

Barbecook Billy

4 x

It doesn't get any more mobile than this: the cover with handle and the shock-resistant finish make Billy the ultimate outdoor product! You can control the charcoal flame via the adjustable grill. Air circulation guarantees good combustion. It can be completely closed for transport thanks to the cover & clips. Barbecook Billy is a charcoal grill & can only be used outside.

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Barbecook Billy
Barbecook Billy