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Barbecook Quisson 4000 | specifications


Dimensions (L x W x H): 177 x 58 x 119 cm
Number of people: 14


Startpack: +
Fat drip trays: -
Electronic lighting: +
One Hand operations: +
Repellant Glass Finish: -
Thermic Air Cushion: +
Extra: XL Sidetable / Storage trolley for gas bottle / Cart with doors


Grilling Surface: 35 x 43 + 2 x (17 x 43) cm
Grid material: enamelled cast-iron
Warming rack material: enamelled wire-mesh
Powerfull stainless steel main burners: 3
Power: 11,4 kW
Sideburner: 1,8 kW
Spit burner + Spit: +
Dynamic Core Grill: +
Includes extra plancha plate: +
Thermometer: +
Integrated core thermometer: +
Barbecook Quisson 4000

Barbecook Quisson 4000

14 x

Knowledge is power, the perfect 'Quisson' is always on hand thanks to:Integrated core thermometer, precise knob adjustment & dual-walled lid provides a more constant barbecue temperature. The Quisson also features enamelled cast iron Dynamic Core Grill grills providing additional variation when grilling, an XL side table and a handy storage cart for the gas bottle.

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Barbecook Quisson 4000
Barbecook Quisson 4000