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Winterbarbecue: hot or not?

Winterbarbecue: hot or not?

Tips & Tricks

Everyone loves the smell of meat on the barbecue, the atmosphere around the fire and enjoying good company at a barbecue party. Why should you limit your fun to the summer months?

“Winter barbecuing” has been a popular concept in Scandinavia and Germany for years and it’s starting to catch on in Belgium too. Even if the temperature is almost at freezing point, barbecuing is still a great way to prepare your dishes.

The Scandinavian lifestyle is all about getting together, feeling cosy, creating a nice atmosphere, keeping warm and enjoying the company of others. Barbecues fit perfectly with this type of lifestyle. In Germany, there is also a tradition of getting together around the fire in the harsh winter months.

Just imagine it: you light a fire with some friends, put a slab of meat or fish on the grill and sip on a glass of mulled wine. What more could a man want? Barbecook wood barbecue Junko winterbarbecue

Practical tips:

Barbecook wood fire pit winterbarbecue

Winter food tips:

  • Impress your guests by cooking seasonal and unconventional foods on your barbecue. Grill some winter vegetables such as parsnip, chicory or celeriac. We recommend grilled leek with a pot of pesto for dipping or some melted Camembert and a baguette.
  • Cook game and a flavourful gravy on the Barbecook Siesta.
  • Experiment with our Dutch Oven on the Barbecook Junko to create a delicious soup or home-made mulled wine. Heat a bottle of red wine, some slices of orange, sugar, cloves and a cinnamon stick. Simple yet powerful.
  • Put a smile on the kids’ faces by making popcorn in our Barbecook Popcorn Pan.
  • If your guests can’t get enough of the barbecue experience, why not follow a main course with chestnuts roasted in the Barbecook Chestnut Pan or roast some marshmallows and enjoy some tasty S’mores. It’s guaranteed to go down a treat!

Barbecook wood barbecue winterbarbecue popcorn pan

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