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Start to smoke

Start to smoke

Tips & Tricks

The smoker is the must-have item for those who like experimenting with fire and food during the cold months. The hours that your food spends in the smoker also mean that you’re going through a tremendous suspense with, as a delicious reward, the rich inimitable flavour of slow-cooked food. Barbecook has everything to get you started with this ancient technique.


In cold smoking the temperature is not warmer than 25 °C. To cold smoke, put the Barbecook spiral cold smoke generator in the Barbecook Smoker. Fill the coil with smoke chips and let it smoulder with a tea light. The smoking process takes from four to seven hours. 

Note: cold smoking does not cook the fBarbecook smoker cold smokingood. It will keep a little longer and get a delicious smoky flavour. 

Cold smoking is best done at an outside temperature below 25 °C. Meat and fish must be brined first. Perfect for trying out during the cold months to come!


In hot smoking, you keep the temperature between 50 and 80 °C and cook your food while giving it a smoky aroma. Hot smoking is a lot faster than cold smoking. At the bottom of the Smoker you place a portion of charcoal to which you add (soaked) smoke chips. 

In the middle of the Smoker is a dish in which you can put water, broth, wine and spices that will further refine the smoky taste and make your cooking extra juicy. At the top, the Smoker has hooks and a grille with which you can store your ingredients. You brine meat and fish beforehand. 

Keep an eye on the built-in thermometer during the smoking process and, if necessary, add coals and smoke chips.

Barbecook smoking chips fish

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