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Safe, simple and fast: Barbecook QuickStart

Safe, simple and fast: Barbecook QuickStart

Tips & Tricks

The QuickStart® System is a lighting system which allows you to light the charcoal with 3 sheets of newspaper without failure; within fifteen minutes the fire is ready for cooking. 

With the QuickStart® System, lighting a barbecue has become extremely easy; and it also makes this barbecue extra safe and ecological (no need to use dangerous and unhealthy lighting products!)


How to light your barbecue grill? 

  1. Remove the bottom grid and push 3 newspaper sheets into the tube. Return the grid and cover with a little charcoal.

  2. Light the paper through the air supply.

  3. The chimney effect rapidly and evenly brings the charcoal to grilling temperature. The air supply can be easily adjusted with the red knob. You can effortlessly raise or lower the grid for perfect and healthy grilling.

  4. Thanks to the ‘QuickStop®’ your BBQ will be even safer and easier to clean. Fill the base with water beforehand! After the party brush the ashes through the tube in the base and discard everything without risk.


Stable, safe and handy: Barbecook QuickStop

The receptacles of certain models can be filled with water. This lowers the centre of gravity of the barbecue; which increases the stability. It also extinguishes the falling ashes and the glowing coals, even in the most unlikely case that the barbecue is knocked over.

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