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Maintenance tips for your barbecue grill

Maintenance tips for your barbecue grill

Tips & Tricks

Maintenance tips for your barbecue grill

Tip 1

After grilling, wrap the grill in a newspaper. Make the newspaper wet and the next day you can clean your grill with a normal kitchen paper towel.


Tip 2

You can easily clean the barbecue grill with some aluminium foil crumpled into a ball. Strike lightly and everything flies off!


Tip 3

Before you start cooking, take half of a lemon and rub the barbecue grid. Clean the grid with a steel brush. Rub the lemon once again onto the grid. In this way, the meat will not stick to the grid. After cooking, you do the same and the grid is ready for a next barbecue.


Tip 4

You can easily clean a barbecue grill by putting it in a garbage bag. Put the bag flat on the floor, add some biotex and pour a kettle of boiling hot water into it. After this, tie up the bag and let the whole thing rest for a night. The next day, you will be able to brush the grill clean without any effort.


Tip 5

After barbecuing, simply put your grill in the grass. The next day you will be able to just take off the debris with a kitchen paper towel. 


Tip 6

You can also opt to not clean the barbecue grill. The next time, just when you light the barbecue, the flames will nicely flare up. If you carefully clean the grill with a brush, it will be ready for use again!


Tip 7

A tip to easily clean the grid of your barbecue: rub the grip with some olive oil before starting to grill. Afterwards, you can simply clean the grid with a wet sponge!


Tip 8

Never leave an empty grill on a warm barbecue (this also means when you light it). Because of the enormous heat it can break the welded spots of your grill. When a mass (for ex. meat) is on the grill, than this will absorb the heat and there is no longer a risk of breaking.

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