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How to use the Barbecook smoker

How to use the Barbecook smoker

Tips & Tricks

Picking up smoking is not unhealthy at all. On the contrary, smoking is one of the purest and healthiest ways of preparing food, because it does not require fat or oil.

Smoking has long been practised as a method of extending the shelf life of food. Today - with outdoor life and the discovery of new culinary challenges becoming increasingly popular - we smoke food primarily to directly enjoy it. For smoking not only produces a nice smell at your garden party, it also, and above all, imparts that delicious, typical smoked flavour to your dishes.


What can you smoke?

Meat, fish, poultry, crustaceans, vegetables or even cheeses... in principle, everything that goes onto the barbecue, can also be prepared in the smoker. The flavour of your dishes will be determined by the wood species of the smoke chips or wood chips. Examples are beech or oak or different species of fruit trees. You can, of course, further refine the smoked flavour by adding dry herbs or spices to the smoke wood.


How to hot smoke?

Meat or fish to be hot smoked must first be brined. This is done by mixing coarse salt with herbs as desired, rolling the food in it and allowing it to rest in this mixture. The brining time depends on the ingredient. When ready, wash off all the brine and thoroughly dry the food.

For hot smoking, the temperature in the smoker must be between 50 and 80°C

  • For this, light a portion of charcoal in the bottom part of the smoker, using lighter cubes, or our charcoal starter.
  • Wait until the charcoal is white hot, and then sprinkle a few smoke chips on it, which you have first soaked in water for ten minutes. The smoke chips can also be used dry, but you should then sprinkle them on an aluminium sheet, which you then fold up, pricking holes into it.
  • You then put the food to be hot smoked on the grill, or hang it with hooks from the smoker lid. Close the smoker so that the smoking process can begin.  

The smoking time for hot smoking is significantly shorter than for cold smoking. Monitor the temperature in the smoker on the built-in thermometer and add a few charcoals if necessary. You can also sprinkle some extra smoke chips on the charcoals.

Tip: Our smokers have a pan on the inside that can be filled with wine, broth or water with herbs. This will generate vapours during the smoking process that keep the food extra juicy and add even more flavour to it.


How to cold smoke?

Also meat or fish to be cold smoked must first be brined. Mix coarse salt with herbs as desired, roll the food in it and allow it to rest in the mixture. The brining time depends on the ingredient. When ready, wash off all the brine and thoroughly dry the food.

Cold smoking is done with our cold smoke generator:

  • Fill the spiral completely with wood dust (e.g. our Hickory or Mesquite wood dust) and place the generator in a smoker. 
  • Let the wood dust smoulder over a lit tealight candle. Remove the tealight candle after fifteen minutes. You can also let the wood dust smoulder with a lighter cube.
  • Put the food to be cold smoked on the grill (with the skin side on the grill) or attach it to the hooks.Cold smoking takes at least 4 hours. With the cold smoke generator you can smoke up to 7 hours, depending on the desired flavour.

For cold smoking, the temperature in the smoker is max. 25°C. Cold smoked food remains raw and can be kept longer.  During cold smoking, make sure to check the food every hour by lifting the lid. This allows fresh oxygen to enter which will stimulate the smoking process.

Tip: cold smoking is preferably carried out at an outside temperature of less than 25°C.  The cold smoke generator works only with wood dust, and not with smoke chips.


How to add flavour to your smoke?

For an even greater taste sensation, you can use barbecook smoke chips or wood dust. For smoke chips you can choose from three varieties: oak, walnut (hickory) and apple. Soak them in water for 10 minuts and then sprinkle them on the charcoal. The wood dust can be used as is (without soaking) for cold or hot smoking. 


Can everyone smoke?

The barbecook smokers are ideal for anyone who wants to become familiar with this fun cooking technique. Our smokers offer excellent quality at a sharp price. In our collection we have a smoker and an XL smoker. The latter has more space for smoking, a grill basket with fine mesh for the most delicate of  ingredients, and an additional adjustable air supply for the best cooking results. In addition, we provide all necessary accessories such as a cold smoke generator, wood dust and smoke chips.

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