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How do I winter-proof my barbecue?

How do I winter-proof my barbecue?

Tips & Tricks

Are you the kind of person who puts their barbecue in the garage as soon as the last day of summer is over? Or are you a die-hard winter barbecuer who isn’t scared of a bit of frost or a snowflake or two? After all, you can barbecue at any time of year.

If you prefer to give your barbecue a well-deserved rest in winter, make sure you clean it thoroughly — especially the grills. With the Barbecook BBQ Foam Cleaner, you can easily remove even the most stubborn remnants. Make sure your grills are dry when you pack them up. This will give you less work to do when you bring your barbecue back out in spring so you can start cooking immediately.

Tips  for charcoal barbecues:

Find a dry place to store your barbecue during its winter hibernation. We recommend you use a cover so your appliance is optimally protected. If you don’t have anywhere to store it indoors (e.g. a garage or shed), find a sheltered spot (i.e. an overhang) to store your barbecue during the rainy winter months. Don’t forget to cover your barbecue to protect it from the elements.

Tips  for gas barbecues:

Gas barbecues require a little more time and effort to store. First of all, you should always disconnect the gas bottle and store it outside of the house. Take this opportunity to give the burners a thorough clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say! Our final tip is to store your grills indoors. Clean them thoroughly, rub them with some cooking oil and wrap them in paper. And voilà!

Don’t be in too much of a rush to put away your barbecue because an Indian Summer could be just around the corner. You never know! 

Why not give winter barbecuing a try? 

If you want to have easy access to your barbecue, just in case, make sure it’s covered to protect it against the harsh weather conditions. Then you’ll be ready to host a winter barbecue bash at a moment’s notice. How about a Halloween party or a Christmas brunch? Barbecuing in winter creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere and is well worth a try!

Ever considered taking up smoking? No, not that kind of smoking! Winter is the perfect time to use a smoker. Find the perfect spot for your smoker in your garden and smoke it real good!

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