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How do I light my gasbarbecue?

How do I light my gasbarbecue?

Tips & Tricks

If you use your barbecook® gas barbecue for the first time, you will have to let the appliance cook without food for a short time. To do this you need to light your barbecue, shut the lid and keep the temperature on 'HIGH' for 15 minutes. Keep the lid closed for fifteen minutes. After this, open the lid and let the barbecue burn on ‘HIGH’ for another 5 minutes. Only then will your barbecook® be ready for use!

Later on, when you want to light your barbecook®, first open the lid of your barbecue. The adjusting knobs should be on ‘OFF’. Then slowly turn open the tap of the gas bottle. After about 5 seconds turn on the adjusting knob of one burner. First light one burner by pressing the adjusting knob and by setting it on ‘HIGH’. As soon as this has happened, put the adjusting knob of the other burner on ‘HIGH', to light it.

It is better to let your gas barbecue pre-heat a little, before grilling on it. Close the lid of your barbecook® and pre-heat the cooking surface on the ‘HIGH’ setting, for at least 10 minutes.

In the end you don’t need lava stone on the gas barbecue, because the heat is spread out by the flame tamer which is located just above the burners.

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