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Tips & Tricks

Tools for adventurous grillers

Do you want to excel in adventurous preparations? Then the Barbecook Dome is your partner in crime. Thanks to its particular shape, it ensures that your dishes are perfectly grilled and cooked on both sides.

Barbecook charcoal barbecue accessories

The heat of your coal fire is perfectly distributed and cast back onto your food because of its reflecting effect and the adjustable height:

  1. Dome (fits Barbecook charcoal grills Loewy 45, Loewy 50, Major & Optima)
  2. Chicken wing holder 
  3. Pizza plate
  4. Rib rack  
  5. Chicken holder  
  6. Kebab rack

 This keeps you in charge of the grilling process and it will make you a true grillmaster! 

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