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Watermelon Steak

Watermelon Steak

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Wait, what?! Have you been searching hours for a creative barbecue dessert idea (other than grilled marshmallows) that involves minimal effort on your part? We thought so. Get ready to blow your guests minds with this watermelon steak. This spicy, sweet and tangy grilled watermelon will change everything you thought a watermelon could be. Bonus? It’s even better than the cold version!

The secret ingredient? Harissa! It’s much more a paste than a sauce and has also different ingredients from Sriracha for example spices like coriander, cumin, mint and caraway. You find this chili paste in every North African and Middle Eastern home. It’s as common as ketchup is in America. Did you know that the ingredients for harissa recipes are different from neighborhood to neighborhood in North Africa?

Barbecook grilled watermelon

The paste is very versatile. We use it it in a marinade, but you can also use it into some Greek yogurt for a spicy sauce, top your scrambled eggs with it, spread it on a pizza, blend it into hummus or enhance the flavors of your next stew.

Is it clear that we just love to freestyle with this paste?!

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