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Jalapeño burger

Jalapeño burger

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Warning: hot stuff

Barbecook Billy
Barbecook lighter cubes
Angus Beef burger
Bagnat bun
Cheddar cheese
Red jalapeño

Home-made fresh street food on a Barbecook Billy? Adventurous grilling on the go! With this jalapeño burger you will be sure to make a tremendous impression! Based on the world-famous Johnny Cash burger, we created our own Barbecook version. Because we love tasty high-quality meat, we opted for Angus beef.


  1. Fill the bowl with some charcoal and set alight using 3 lighter cubes.
  2. Once a layer of white ashes appears on your charcoal, you will be ready to grill.
  3. Grill the burgers and the onion rings until done. Grilled the bacon until crispy.
  4. When everything is almost done, drape a slice of cheddar cheese onto the burger. This way, the cheese will melt onto your meat.
  5. Put all the ingredients, and a few jalapeños, between the sliced bun. As many as you can handle !

Barbecook charcoal grill Billy jalapeño burger Barbecook charcoal grill Billy jalapeño burger

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