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Barbecook Otto
Barbecook Smoker Chips Oak
Serves: 4 persons
4 wolffish cheeks
12 slices of bacon
16 Brussels sprouts
12 cherry tomatoes
parsley, finely chopped
100 g unsalted nut mix, roughly chopped
salt & pepper
For the smoked celeriac purée:
½ celeriac, cut into 1 cm thick slices
olive oil
approx. 800 ml milk
knob of butter
salt & pepper

Soak the smoker chips in water. Slice half the celeriac into 1 cm thick slices. Cover the slices with olive oil, salt and pepper and ensure they are fully coated. Place 15 g of the soaked smoker chips onto the iron plate in the Otto. Turn on your Otto electric smoker and wait until it starts smoking. When the chips are smoking, spread the slices of celeriac on the grill and smoke them for 10 minutes. Remove the celeriac slices from the Otto and boil them for 20 minutes in the milk until cooked. When the celeriac is cooked, turn off the heat and let it sit in the warm milk. You will make the purée after you remove the wolffish from the Otto.

Now prepare the wolffish. Lay 3 slices of bacon on the chopping board and place a wolffish cheek on top. Repeat this with the remaining three cheeks. Season the cheeks with salt and pepper and wrap them in the bacon. Place more soaked wood in the Otto and wait until it starts smoking. Then, place the 4 cheeks on the grill. Smoke them for a maximum of 9 minutes. The smoking time will depend on the thickness of the cheeks. In the meantime, prepare the sprouts. Clean them and remove any tough or damaged leaves. Cut a cross into the base of each sprout. Boil the sprouts in water for around 7 minutes. Check if they are done by piercing them with a fork. Keep the sprouts warm.

Once the wolffish cheeks are cooked, remove them from the Otto. Place the cherry tomatoes and chopped nuts in the Otto. Allow them to warm up for 10 minutes, but don’t add any extra smoker chips. While you are waiting, make the purée.  Strain the celeriac in a colander but save the liquid. Mash the celeriac into a fine purée and use the liquid and butter to make it creamy. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Spoon 2 to 3 tablespoons of celeriac purée onto the centre of each plate and spread it out into a neat strip. Starting at one end of the strip, place the wolf fish cheek, followed by the cherry tomatoes and the sprouts. Garnish with the chopped nuts and parsley.

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